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RBI Assistant Questions 2015 – GA, Computer Questions in RBI Asst Exam

RBI Assistant Questions 2015 – RBI Assistant Exam Questions Solutions: General Awareness & Computer questions asked in RBI Assistant Exam 2015 is given below. Are you looking for RBI Assistant Exam GK Questions? If you are searching for RBI Assistant exam answer key, this solved paper will help you. We have provided the General Awareness (GK) Questions which were asked in RBI Assistant Exam 2015 along with solutions. RBI Assistant exam was held on 30th November, 1st August, 2nd August, 8th August, 9th August and 16th August 2015. Candidates can find questions as well the solutions of every RBI Assistant exam 2015.

Online examination for RBI Assistant was held in the month of August 2015. Here we have listed the question along with answers which was asked in RBI Assistant exam for both morning and evening shift exam of every day. RBI Assistant GK and Computer Questions are given below.

GK Questions Asked in RBI Assistant: 1st August 2015

Morning Shift:

  1. Which country will supply Uranium to India? – Canada
  2. Currency of Switzerland & Liechtenstein? – Swiss franc
  3. AIIB – Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Headquarter ? – Beijing
  4. Who is Nazim Zaidi – Chief Election Commissioner of India
  5. Author of the Book ” Test of My Life” – Yuvraj Singh
  6. National Teachers Day – 5th September
  7. CLRL + X function – Cutting & Copying the text
  8. PROM Full Form – Programmable Read Only Memory
  9. Which among the following is the pointing Device? – Mouse
  10. Which among the following is the input output Device ? –
  11. Headquarters of IMF (International Monetary Fund) situated? – Washington D.C.
  12. Capital of Dadra and Nagar Haveli? – Silvassa
  13. Recently, who appointed Deputy Governor of RBI?- S.S. Mundra
  14. Who is the Information and Broadcasting Minister of India?- Arun Jaitely
  15. Longest River – Nile
  16. RBI Extended the Date of Pre 2005 Notes – 31st August 2015
  17. Capital Requirement for Mudra Bank – Rs. 20,000 Crores
  18. Carolina Marin is associated with which game – Badminton
  19. Floyd Mayweather is associated with which game – Boxing
  20. What is the Age Limit of Atal Pension Yojana – 18 Years to 40 Years
  21. In Sukanya Samridhi Yojana Age limit for Girl Child is – 10 years
  22. Which among the following is not a software – Printer
  23. Which language is used to design webpage – HTML
  24. Which among the following provides internet – ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  25. What is C++ – High level Language
  26. Important Function of CPU – Control Unit & ALU
  27. CPU is _____ of Computer – Brain
  28. Which Command is used for undo – CTRL + Z
  29. What is the basic memory of computer – RAM & ROM
  30. Which among the following is the largest memory unit – PB(Petabyte)
  31. What is the main function of computer – Input, process, Output, storage
  32. What is URL – Uniform Resource Locator
  33. KV Kamath Appointed President of which Bank – BRICS New Development Bank
  34. Which NASA probe searched water on Moon – LCROSS
  35. India – Africa Summit 2015 Held in ? – New Delhi
  36. Keoladeo National Park is in which state ?  – Rajasthan
  37. Basel Accords refer to the banking supervision Accords maintains its secretariat at the Bank for International Settlements in – Switzerland
  38. In which year, Cooperative Societies Act was enacted – 1912
  39. Which of the following bodies regulates the Regional Rural Banks – NABARD
  40. For the regional rural banks, which among the following is the correct share of Central, State and Sponsor Bank – 50%, 15%, 35%
  41. What was the name of State Bank of India (SBI) before it was created by SBI Act – Imperial Bank of India
  42. Bibek Debroy committee is associated with – restructuring of Indian Railways
  43. With which insurance company State Bank of India entered into a tie-up to offer non-life cover to its savings account holders under the Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY)? – National Insurance Company (NICL)
  44. Kalinga Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in? – Bhubaneswar
  45. Kaiga generating station is a nuclear power generating station situated at Kaiga, near the river Kali, in Uttar Kannada district of ——-. – Karnataka
  46. Who is the new Chief Information Commissioner? – Vijay Sharma
  47. What was the name of State Bank of India ( SBI) before it was created by SBI Act? – Imperial Bank of India
  48. Which country was the world’s largest recipient of foreign direct investment(FDI) in 2014, overtaking the US for the first time since 2003? – China
  49. Who will be the recipient of the 2015 Liberty Medal? – Dalai Lama
  50. Who was confirmed as ICC President? – Zaheer Abbas
  51. Which Bank has launched a service where customers can make transactions using just their voice, without using other means of authentication like a password? – ICICI
  52.  Charles Correa has passed away recently. Who was he? – Indian Architect
  53. Which country became the first developed country to default on its debt to the International Monetary Fund? – Greece
  54. Microchip introduced in which Generation – Third Generation

Evening Shift:

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