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RRB NTPC General Awareness: GK Topics, Syllabus, Studyplan & Materials

RRB NTPC General Awareness (GA), General Knowledge/ Science (GK & GS) – Topics, Syllabus, Study plan & Materials for Railway Non Technical Mains Exams: General Awareness (GA) is only section aspirants are weak in. So here we have come up with RRB NTPC GK/ GA/ GS syllabus. This topic wise syllabus for History, Geography, Polity, Science and Current Affairs will help Railway exam aspirant to score good in this section easily. Scroll down and have a look at how to prepare General Awareness for Railway exams.

As you know, Railway has changed RRB NTPC Mains exam pattern and there will be 120 Questions this time. There will be at least 40 General Awareness (GK) Questions in RRB NTPC 2nd stage exam. This will be always a good idea to cover topics which comes under GK to score good marks in Railway NTPC Mains exam.

GK Syllabus for RRB NTPC Mains Exam

RRB NTPC 2nd Stage Exam Date is out and some of the most frequently asked question we are being asked about RRB NTPC Mains exam are as follows: What is detailed syllabus of General Awareness? How to prepare General Awareness for Railway? Is History, Polity, Geography will be asked in Railway exams? How many General Knowledge/ Science (GK & GS) questions will be there? And many other questions on Booklist, approach, free study material for Railway Non Technical 2nd Stage exams.

So we have finally decided to go with an answer for all these questions. Here we have written down how to approach General Awareness section in Railway exams. This article only deals with General Awareness part. Let’s have a look at RRB NTPC Mains Exam General Awareness syllabus.

What is there in General Awareness?

The Indian Railway, Railway Recruitment Board (RRBs) has recently changed its Non Technical (NTPC) exam pattern and replace General Knowledge (GK) part with General Awareness and introduced online exam as well. Candidates are in doubt with General Awareness (GA) as this section is going to make difference.

There will be total 40 General Awareness Questions for 40 Marks in RRB NTPC exams. In Railways exams, here is what General Awareness meant for?

General Awareness (GA) = Static GK + General Science (GS) + Current Affairs

Static GK: Static GK or Tradition GK are the questions on World + Indian History, Polity, Geography, Art, Culture, misclenious etc.

General Science (GS): GS questions will be from Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agriculture, Defence, Space, Environment etc.

Current Affairs: Questions will be from Miscellaneous GK, Economy, Banking, PIN, Awards, Sports, International Affairs, Current events.

Topic wise detailed syllabus for RRB NTPC Mains Exam.

RRB NTPC General Awareness Syllabus, Topics

  1. Facts about Harappan Civilization.
  2. Vedic Period (1500-1000 before Christ).
  3. Buddh and Jain.
  4. Name of the Kings who built Important ancient Temples and Institutions.
  5. Maurya Dynasty, Gupta Dynasty, South India.
  6. Important Wars.
  7. Chronology of Medieval India and their important systems.
  8. Delhi Sultanate, Mughal Empire, Maratha.
  9. Governor General/ Viceroy.
  10. 1857 Revot.
  11. India’s freedom Movement and their leaders.
  12. World History.

  1. Supreme Court
  2. Meaning of Writs
  3. Election of President and his functions
  4. Important constitution bodies like CAG
  5. Facts about parliament
  6. Fundamental Duties
  7. Governor and his functions
  8. State legislature
  9. Major Constitutional amendments and their importance
  10. Official Language
  11. Emergency Provisions
  12. National political parties and their symbols

  1. Rivers and their tributaries
  2. Mountain and their important peaks of Indian and World
  3. Important cities on the Banks of river in the India and World
  4. Interior of Earth
  5. Basics about Indian climate
  6. Indian states and their Boundaries
  7. Location of National Parks and Centuries
  8. Important volcanoes and their locations
  9. Important island of world
  10. Important seas in the world
  11. Minerals found in India and World
  12. Important Project like Bakhra Nagal and Sardar Sarovar

  1. S.I. units.
  2. Important inventions and their inventor.
  3. Motion, Sound, light, Wave, Energy, Electricity.

  1. Chemical Properties of Substance and their uses
  2. SI units
  3. Chemical Name of Important substances like Plaster of Paris etc.
  4. Chemical Change and Physical Change
  5. Properties of Gases
  6. Surface Chemistry
  7. Chemistry in Everyday life

  1. Important Inventions and their inventor
  2. Important and Interesting facts about human body parts.
  3. Nutrition in Animals and Plants.
  4. Diseases and their causes like Bacteria, Viruses and Protozoa
  5. Last four chapter of NCERT of Class 12th for environment

  1. Railway Factories, Boards, Zone, Division etc.
  2. Population Census.
  3. Important books and their writers.
  4. First happen in sport for India and world like first Olympic, first Asian Game etc.
  5. Famous Sea port and Airport and their location.
  6. State Animals and Symbols .
  7. Important institution of world and India and their locations like BRICS, World Bank, IMF and RBI etc.
  8. Awards and their importance.
  9. Name of the Scientist who got Noble prize for important discoveries.

  1. Budget (National Income, GDP, Fiscal Deficit and many more)
  2. Five Year Plan and its History.
  3. Famous persons in economy
  4. Institutions and their Head quarters.
  5. Banking Awareness.

  1. Development of computers (History).
  2. Input and output devices.
  3. Memory types.

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