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GK Quiz 5: GK Questions & Answer Railway, SSC Exam 2016

GK Quiz 5 – GK Questions and Answers for RRB NTPC, Railway & SSC Exam 2016: General Awareness Question as Practice Test 5 is here. We have once again come up with Online Test series for upcoming Railway NTPC Exam, SSC CPO/ CGL Exam 2016. These collections of important General Awareness (GA) questions will be helpful for all Railway & SSC aspirants.

Railway NTPC online exam is to be held, SSC CGLRecruitment has been announced, this is best to time Practice GK quiz. As per the Railway Exam Tentative dates, RRB NTPC exam will be held upto May 2016. Candidates applied for Railway Non Technical or SSC exams must go through this Railway/ SSC Practice Test. Have a look at these 15 questions for upcoming Railway & SSC Examination.

GK Questions for Railway, SSC Exams: Quiz 5

1. Who was the founder-editor of the famous newspaper Kesari during the National struggle?
A. Mahatma Gandhi
B. Jawaharal Nerhu
C. Lokmanya Thilak
D. Mohammad Iqbal

2. The gandhar movement was founded by
A. Ajit Singh
B. lala Hansraj
C. lala Hardayal
D. None of these

3. The book ‘unto This Last’ which influenced Gandhi was authored by
A. Boris Yeltsin
B. john Ruskin
C. Pushkin
D. Ruskin bond

4. Which among the following is the sacred book of the Buddhists?
A. Upanishad
B. Vedas
C. Tripitakas
D. Aranyak

5. Budha means
A. The enlightened one
B. the religious preacher
C. the genius
D. the powerful

6. Bijapur is known for its
A. heavy rainfall
B. Rock temple
C. Gol Gumbaj
D. State of Gomateshwara

7. The famous kohinoor diamond was produced from one of the mines in
A. Odisha
B. Chhotanagapur
C. Bijapur
D. Golconda

8. Geostationary orbit is at a height of
A. 6 km
B. 1000 km
C. 3600 km
D. 36000 km

9. Which scale is used to measure the intensity of Earthquake?
A. Richter
B. Metric
C. Centigrade
D. Newton

10. The largest ocean is
A. Atlantic ocean
B. Indian ocean
C. Arctic ocean
D. Pacific ocean

11. Dead sea is situated in which one of the following
A. A Rift Valley
B. An Intermontane Plateau
C. Intermontane plains
D. Canyons

12. The oldest type of energy known to man is
A. wind power
B. solar power
C. tidal power
D. geothermal energy

13. The ‘Dark continent’ is
A. Africa
B. South America
C. Australia
D. Asia

14. Which of the following states is a member of the ‘seven sisters’?
A. paschim banga
B. Tripura
C. Odisha
D. Bihar

15. The Finance Commission is constituted under Article …………. Of the Constitution of India.
A. 275
B. 280
C. 282
D. None of these