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GK Quiz 7: GK Questions & Answer for Railway, SSC Exam 2016

GK Quiz 7 – GK Questions and Answers for RRB NTPC, Railway & SSC Exam 2016: General Awareness Question as GK Practice Test 7 is here. We have once again come up with our 7th Online Test series for upcoming Railway NTPC Exam, SSC CPO/ CGL Exam 2016. These collections of important General Awareness (GA) questions will be helpful for all Railway & SSC aspirants.

Railway Non Technical online exam and SSC CGL 2016 is two big exam is to be conducted in forthcoming months, this is best to time Practice GK Questions and Answer with GK quiz. Railway has recently announced RRB NTPC Admit card according to it, RRB NTPC exam will be held upto May 2016. Candidates applied for Railway Non Technical or SSC exams must go through this Railway/ SSC Practice Test. Have a look at these 20 questions for upcoming Railway & SSC Examination.

GK Questions for Railway, SSC Exams: Quiz 7

1. In which of the following organ carbohydrate is stored as glycogen …..
A. intestine
B. stomach
C. liver
D. pancreas

2. Ascorbic acid is
A. a vitamin
B. an enzyme
C. a protein
D. an amino acid

3. Which of the following is used in oven?
A. X-rays
B. UV- rays
C. Microwaves
D. Radio waves

4. One of the state through which the Tropic of cancer passes is
A. Jammu and Kashmir
B. Himachal Pradesh
C. Bihar
D. Jharkhand

5. On which of the following rivers, the Indo-Pak Bagalaihar project is located?
A. Chenab
B. Jhelum
C. Beas
D. Sutlej

6. Computer and Auditor General of India is appointed by
A. President
B. Speaker of the Lok sabha
C. Chairman of planning Commission
D. Finance minister

7. Japan’s Parliament is Known As
A. Diet
B. Dail
C. Yuan
D. Shora

8. Upanishad are books on
A. Religion
B. Yoga
C. Law
D. Philosophy

9. Who is the author of the book ‘A Foreign Policy of India’?
A. IK Gujral
B. BG Deshumkh
C. LK Advani
D. AJ Toynbee

10. Organization responsible for maintain Red data Book/ Red List is

11. SPM Stands For
A. Standards Particles Material
B. Suspended Particular Matter
C. Suspended Particles Material
D. None of these

12. Which sector is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases in India?
A. Transport
B. Domestic
C. Agricultural
D. Electric Power Generation

13. Potential is measured in
A. Watt
B. Joule
C. Joule/Coulomb
D. Newton-second

14. SONAR is based on the principle of
A. echo
B. resonance
C. reverberation
D. none of these

15. Electron microscope was invented by
A. Knoll and Ruska
B. Robert Koch
C. Leeuwenhock
D. CPS Wanson

16. Optical fibers are based on the phenomena of
A. Dispersion
B. interference
C. Total Internal Reflection
D. Diffraction

17. Viruses are made up of
A. Protein and Lipids
B. Nucleic acid and Protein
C. Lipids and Carbohydrate
D. Carbohydrate and Nucleic acid

18. Bat can fly in dark because they
A. Have strong waves
B. Have sharp Eyes
C. Produce ultrasonic waves
D. Are natural

19. The world’s most active volcano
A. Fujiyama
B. Cotopaxi
C. Kilaueu
D. Vesuvius

20. The River also known as Tsangpo in Tibet is
A. Ganga
B. Brahmputra
C. Indu
D. Testa