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What is Percentile in BSSC Exam: How to Calculate Marks?

What is Percentile in BSSC Exam? How to Calculate Percentile Marks? Bihar SSC Graduate Level P.T. exam result has been declared on the basis of percentile. This is the first time, when Bihar Staff Selection Commission implemented percentile method to announce BSSC Graduate level exam result. Here is everything you should know about how is percentile marks calculated?

What is Percentile in BSSC Exam? The only question candidates want to know about BSSC Results of Graduate level exam. Bihar SSC has recently announced Percentile Cutoff in BSSC Exam. Many candidates are against Percentile in BSSC Exam.

What is Percentile in BSSC Exam?

What is the meaning of Percentile in BSSC is the question which many of aspirants have been asking around. Let us try to find out the meaning of Percentile in BSSC Exam and how is it calculated for BSSC Graduate Level Marks.

Percentile has been used in Bihar SSC exam. Thus, the higher percentile, the better marks but, it is different from percentage marks. Percentile gives an idea of Relative performance with others and not how high you scored out of the total marks.

Percentile: Percentile is percentage of candidates (appearing the exam) who have scored less than you in exam. If 100 aspirants write an exam, and you get 98 percentile, then you have scored more marks than 98 other candidate.

How to Calculate Percentile Marks?

Your percentile Score = { (No. of candidates who got less marks than you or equal to you) / (No. of candidates appearing in the exam) } x 100

Example: In an exam, 10 people give the test and 9 people get either less than what you got or equal to what you got, your percentile score is:
{9/10} x 100 = 90 percentile.

Look at another example, among 2500 candidates if you rank 3rd, your percentile would be calculated thus:

1No. of candidates have outperformed = 2500 - 3 = 2497

2Total Number of candidates taking the test = 2500

1Percentile = (2497/2500) * 100 = 99.88

Take another example, consider an examination taken by 5000 candidates and you got 5th rank and 10 More people got 5th rank. In this case, Percentile will be calculated like this.

15000 – 5 = 4996

2Again, 4996 – 10 = 4886

3Now Percentile = (4886/5000) * 100 = 97.72

This is the most generally used method of calculating percentiles. I guess same method BSSC has used for calculating percentiles.