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ESIC UDC & MTS Questions 2016 GK Questions Asked in Online Exam

ESIC UDC & MTS Questions 2016 – ESIC GK Questions Asked in UDC, MTS and Stenographer Exam 2016 Exam: What GK Questions Asked in ESIC UDC & MTS Exam is given below. Are you looking for ESIC UDC & MTS Exam Current Affairs (GK/ GA) Questions? If you are searching for ESIC UDC & MTS exam answer key, this solved paper will help you in this regard. Check ESIC Upper Division Clerk (UDC), Multi Tasking Staff (MTS) and Stenographer exam questions lists.

We have here provided the ESIC Online Exam GK Questions which were asked in ESIC UDC & MTS Exam dated 18th March, 19th March, 20 March, 21 March & 26th March 2016 along with solutions. Candidates can find GK Questions as well the solutions of every GK question asked in ESIC UDC & MTS exam questions 2016.

ESIC UDC & MTS GK Questions

Online examination for ESIC UDC & MTS was held in the month in March 2016. Here we have short listed all the GK question along with theirs’ answers which was asked in ESIC UDC & MTS exam for both morning and evening shift exam from 18 March to 26 March. ESIC UDC & MTS GK and Current Affairs questions are given below.

ESIC Previous Papers for UDC, MTS exam.

GK Questions Asked in ESIC UDC & MTS Exam – 19 March

Q. 1st women who got Bharat Ratna.

Q. Who is the Father of English poetry

Q. Indian cricket captain in test

Q. GDP full form is...

Q. INC founded by

Q. Mohiniyattam dance is from...

Q. Dandiya dance is from...

Q. Who regulate capital market in India?

Q. Minimum age of Loksabha member?

Q. Who is the current CM of Bihar?

Q. Academy award known as?

Q. Who got 1st dada saheb phalke awrd?

Q. "Jai hind" anounced by

Q. Highest gallantry awrd

Q. Chief justice of State high court  appointd by whom?

Q. Nagaland capital is...

Q. Author of das kapital

Q. CM of Bihar is...

Q. Who founded Chola dynasty

Q. 1st citizen of India is...

Q. Which is the lrgest commercial bnk in India?

Q. 'Bhagyanagar is the old name of which city?

Q. who wrote 'Sare jaham se acha'??

Q. Bharat ratna started on??

Q. Who is the 1st governor RBI?

Q. 1st chief election commissioner?

Q. 1st chief justice of india? 

Q. 1st Indian go to space? 

Q. 1st Indian pilot? 

Q. 1st Indian to get noble prize?

Q. 1st Home minister and Deputy PM of India? 

Q. 1st sportsman to get Bharat Ratna? 

Q. 1st Lok Sabha speaker?

Q. Who is the current CM of UP?

Q. Pongal celebrated in which state? 

Q. RBI governor name?

Q. Geet Sethi relted to which sports ??

GK Questions Asked in ESIC UDC & MTS Exam – 18 March

These are the questions which were asked in both morning and evening shift (I & II) of ESIC online exam 2016.

Q. Who elects state governor? 

Q. Dance of kerala? 

Q. World bank HQ? 

Q. Who won Bharat ratna in very young age? 

Q. First Woman CM in any state? 

Q. Who wrote book Devdas? 

Q. Sattriya dance related to which state? 

Q. Which place has largest coal reserves? 

Q. under which article Jammu and kashmir was given special status? 

Q. who acts as chancellor of state universities? 

Q. Anandmath written by? 

Q. Longest serving CM of any indian state? 

Q. Present captain of Indian Foot ball team? 

Q. Which Language used in Gupta period? 

Q. Khaziranga national park for which animal? 

Q. Who didn't serve as Indian cricket team captain?

Q. First Captain of National Indian Cricket team? 

Q. Which amongst is not award related to sports and games?

Q. Full form of MLC? 

Q. Chandni padwa is famous in which state? 

Q. Largest producer of coffee beans? 

Q. Which material is found majorly in India?

Q. Which festival is celebrated in Punjab? 

Q. In case of tie in general elections, whose vote decides the winner?