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GK Quiz: History Questions (Set 14) for Railway & SSC Exam 2016

GK Quiz on History Set 14 – Special History Questions and Answers for RRB NTPC, Railway & SSC Exam 2016: One more online GK online test to enhance your General Awareness section. We have come up with our 14th Online Practice Test on History. This Online GK Quiz will help you candidates in upcoming Railway NTPC Exam, SSC CPO, CGL Exam 2016. These are the special History (GK) questions made for upcoming Railway RRB NTPC online exam 2016.

SSC CGL & CPO exam is to be held this year, Railway RRB NTPC exam is going right now. This is high time Practice History GK quiz online. We have provided GK History Quiz with a view to upcoming Railway and SSC Exam. Candidates applied for Railway Non Technical and SSC exams must go through this Railway/ SSC History Question Practice Test. All you need to go through all these 10 questions for upcoming Railway & SSC Examination.

GK Quiz on History Set 14 – Railway, SSC Exams Questions

1. The Battle of Plassey was fought in the year...
(A) 1757
(B) 1747
(C) 1737
(D) 1727

2. The Nawab of Awadh was forced to give over half of his territory to the Company in 1801 because of...
(A) the terms of the Farman
(B) the terms of Subsidiary alliance
(C) the terms of Protection alliance
(D) the terms of Buxar

3. During the British rule in India, the British territories were broadly divided into administrative units called Presidencies. How many Presidencies were there?
(A) Two
(B) Three
(C) Four
(D) Five

4. The people of the Indus Valley Civilisation venerated the...
(A) humped bull
(B) cow
(C) garuda
(D) eagle

5. Upanishads are books on...
(A) religion
(B) yoga
(C) philosophy
(D) law

6. The central point in Ashoka’s Dhamma was...
(A) loyalty to the king
(B) peace and non-violence
(C) respect to elders
(D) religious toleration

7. Megasthenes visited India during the reign of...
(A) Ashoka
(B) Harsha
(C) Chandragupta II
(D) Chandragupta Maurya

8. In the second battle of Panipat in 1556...
(A) Bairam Khan defeated Hemu
(B) Hemu defeated Bairam Khan
(C) Akbar defeated Amar Singh
(D) Amar Singh defeated Hemu

9. Who among the following kings ruled the longest period?
(A) Aurangzeb
(B) Akbar
(C) Shah Jahan
(D) Jahangir

10. Who was Nagarjuna?
(A) a Greek king
(B) a Vedic rishi
(C) a Jain monk
(D) a Buddhist philosopher

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