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GK Quiz on Union Budget 2016 Current Affairs Questions

GK Quiz on Union Budget 2016 & Current Affairs Questions – Budget 2016 Questions and Answer for Exams: Are you looking for MCQs based on Union Budget 2016 – 2017? Quiz on Union Budget 2016 has been provided below. We are continuing with our GK Quiz Series and brought all important questions of Budget 2016. Here in this post below we have provided full Quiz on 2016-17 Union Budget Current Affairs questions.

This Multiple Choice Questions will help candidates preparing for upcoming competitive exams like Railway, LIC, Banking and SSC Exams 2016.
On February 29th, Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitely presented Union Budget for the year 2016-17.

GK Quiz on Union Budget 2016

1    There are nine pillars for the Union Budget 2016-17. Which of the following is not included in the nine pillars?
a) Agriculture and farmers' welfare
b) Fiscal discipline
c) Tax reforms to reduce compliance burden
d) Special focus on working women

2    How many hectares of land will be brought under irrigation under the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sichai Yojana?
a) 28.5 lakh hectares
b) 32.5 lakh hectares
c) 22.6 lakh hectares
d) 11.2 lakh hectares

3    As per the Union Budget 2016-17, what is the amount allocated for the Swachch Bharat Abhiyan?
a) 10,000 crore rupees
b) 9,000 crore rupees
c) 11,000 crore rupees
d) 6,000 crore rupees

4    In the Budget 2016-2017, highest ever amount allocated for the rural employment scheme MNREGA. What is that amount?
a) 40,000 crore rupees
b) 50,500 crore rupees
c) 38,500 crore rupees
d) 39,500 crore rupees

5    As per Union Budget 2016-2017, Electrifying 100 per cent villages will be done by
a) 1 May 2018
b) 1 June 2018
c) 1 May 2017
d) 1 May 2019

6    As per Union Budget 2016-17, excise duty on tobacco products except bidis has been raised by
a) 12-13%
b) 10-15%
c) 15-17%
d) 10-12%

7    As per the Union Budget 2016-17, how much amount was allocated towards Agriculture and Farmers’ welfare?
a) 34,980 crore rupees
b) 40,500 crore rupees
c) 35,984 crore rupees
d) 36,000 crore rupees

8    As per Union Budget 2016-17, Long Term Irrigation Fund in NABARD to be created. What will be the initial corpus of the fund?
a) About 15,000 crore rupees
b) About 10,000 crore rupees
c) About 16,000 crore rupees
d) About 20,000 crore rupees

9    How many Rurban Clusters will be developed under the Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Rurban Mission?
a) 300
b) 200
c) 400
d) 500

10    Name the proposed structure scheme announced in the Union Budget 2016-17 to help Panchayat Raj Institutions deliver Sustainable Development Goals.
a) Rashtriya Gram Abhiyan
b) Rashtriya Gram Swaraj Abhiyan
c) National Village Self-governance Scheme
d) Rashtriya Gram Swasashan Abhiyan

11    How many Medical stores will be opened under Prime Minister’s Jan Aushadhi Yojana during 2016-17?
a) 1000
b) 2000
c) 3000
d) 4000

12    The programme will be started under National Health Mission through public-private partnership mode to provide dialysis services to renal patients in all district hospitals across the country.
a) National Services Programme for Renal Patients
b) National Dialysis Programme
c) National Dialysis Services Project
d) National Dialysis Services Programme

13    As per the Union Budget 2016-17, how much amount has been allocated to celebrate the Birth Centenary of Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay and the 350th Birth Anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh?
a) 100 crore rupees
b) 50 crore rupees
c) 25 crore rupees
d) 20 crore rupees

14    What will be the EPF contribution of the Government of India for all new employees for the first three years of their employment?
a) 8%
b) 8.33%
c) 7.33%
d) 6.5%

15    As per the Union Budget 2016-17, how much per cent of FDI will be allowed through FIPB route in marketing of food products produced and manufactured in India?
a) 88%
b) 99%
c) 100%
d) 49%

16    How much amount has been allocated towards recapitalisation of Public Sector Banks?
a) 50,000 crore rupees
b) 20,000 crore rupees
c) 35,000 crore rupees
d) 25,000 crore rupees

17    As per the Union Budget 2016-17, target of amount sanctioned under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana has been increased to
a) 1,80,000 crore rupees
b) 1,90,000 crore rupees
c) 1,70,000 crore rupees
d) 2,00,000 crore rupees

18    Name the proposed programme that aims at connecting people through exchanges in areas of language, trade, culture, travel and tourism.
a) Unity in Diversity
b) Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat
c) Unity in Diversity: One India
d) Shreshtha Bharat Ek Bharat

19    To lessen tax burden on individuals with income up to 5 lakh rupees, the ceiling of tax rebate under section 87A has been raised from 2000 rupees to
a) 3000 rupees
b) 7000 rupees
c) 5000 rupees
d) 6000 rupees

20    Union Government announced Krishi Kalyan Cess of 0.5% on all taxable services to fund farm initiatives. The cess will be effective from
a) 1 April 2016
b) 1 May 2016
c) 1 June 2016
d) 1 July 2016