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GK Quiz: History Questions (Set 16) for RRB Railway, SSC Exam 2016

GK Quiz on History Set 16 – Special History Questions and Answers for RRB NTPC, Railway & SSC Exam 2016: One more online GK online test to enhance your General Awareness section. We have come up with our 16th Online Practice Test on History. This Online GK Quiz will help you candidates in upcoming Railway NTPC Exam, SSC CPO, CGL Exam 2016. These are the special History (GK) questions made for upcoming Railway RRB NTPC online exam 2016.

After Railway RRB NTPC Exam, SSC CGL is the much awaited exam, to be held this year. This is high time Practice History GK quiz online. We are providing GK History Quiz with a view to upcoming Railway Exam. Candidates applied for Railway Non Technical or SSC exams must go through this Railway/ SSC History Question Practice Test. All you need to go through all these 10 questions for upcoming Railway & SSC Examination.

GK Quiz on History Set 16 – Railway, SSC Exams Questions

1. The ‘August Offer’ of 1940 made by the British referred to...
(A) the need to consult representatives of several communities before transfer of responsibilities
(B) the offer of complete Independence after world war II
(C) the offer of formation of National Government
(D) None of the above

2. Who was the last Viceroy of India?
(A) Wavell
(B) Mountbatten
(C) Stafford Cripps
(D) None of these

3. Which of the following was not a part of the INA trial held in the Red Fort, Delhi in November 1945?
(A) P. K. Sehgal
(B) Shah Nawaz
(C) G. S. Dhillon
(D) Jatin Das

4. For which movement was there unanimous support from Hindus and Muslims?
(A) Quit India movement
(B) anti Bengal partition agitation
(C) Khilafat movement
(D) None of these

5. The Quit India movement was organized in...
(A) 1920
(B) 1930
(C) 1942
(D) 1947

6. In which of the following movement did Mahatma Gandhi make the first use of hunger strike as a weapon?
(A) Non cooperation movement, 1920-22
(B) Rowlatt Satyagraha, 1919
(C) Ahmedabad Strike, 1918
(D) Bardoli Satyagraha

7. The Constitution of India was adopted on...
(A) November 26, 1949
(B) January 26, 1950
(C) January 26, 1949
(D) January 26, 1951

8. The Parliamentary system of government in India is based on the pattern of Parliamentary government in...
(A) Canada
(B) France
(C) Norway
(D) Great Britain

9. Which one of the following is a bulwark of personal freedom?
(A) Mandamus
(B) Habeas Corpus
(C) Quo Warranto
(D) Certiorari

10. Seats are allotted to the various States in the Lok Sabha on the basis of...
(A) Supreme Court’s orders
(B) area
(C) population
(D) None of these