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Railway 19 April RRB NTPC Online Exam Asked GK Questions

RRB NTPC Questions 2016 – 19 April Railway GK Questions Asked in Non Technical Graduate Exam 2016: All GK Questions which were asked on 19th April in RRB NTPC Online Exam are given below. Are you looking for RRB NTPC Exam General Awareness (GK/ GS) & Current Affairs Questions? If you are searching for RRB NTPC exam answer key, this solved paper will help you in this regard. Check Railway Non-Technical (Graduate) exam questions below.

Questions will be provided of all Shifts (I, II & III) on this page. Stay in touch!

We are here to provide you candidates the Railway Online Exam GK Questions which were asked in RRB NTPC Exam dated 19th April 2016 along with solutions. Candidates can find GK Questions as well the solutions of every GK question asked in RRB NTPC exam held on 19 April 2016.

Railway RRB NTPC GK Questions 19-04-2016 Exam

Online examination for RRB NTPC is being conducted in the month of April 2016. Here we have short listed all GK question along with theirs’ answers which was asked in RRB NTPC exam for both morning and evening shift exam 19-4-2016. RRB NTPC GK and Current Affairs questions are given below.

GK Questions Asked in RRB Exam: (Morning) 1st Shift

These are the questions which were asked in morning shift (I) of Railway RRB NTPC online exam 2016.
1. Pluto discovered in the year
Ans. 1930
Man of the match asia cup t20
Halley comet next occuring year
Second max lok sabha seats
State with max boundaries
Make in india week
Methane is which gas
Tiger population as per 2014
Defense minister at the time of 2014
SBI previous name
Milk pasteruization
Theme of world wetlands day
Taxonamy car stops due to which force
Asymetric digital subscriber line
Dominion status is what .
Which is found in fridges cfc
Jahangir is 4 Mughal emporer
Geographical indication tagged product
Head of the state Bank of india
Goodwill ambass of undp forbidden
City is in kakori train happened?
Ans. Gorakhpur

GK Questions Asked in RRB Exam: 2nd Shift

These are the questions which were asked in morning shift (I) of Railway RRB NTPC online exam 2016.
1. Which Indian state shares boundary with the maximum number of other states ?
Ans. Uttar Pradesh
2. SBI Old name?
Ans. Imperial Bank Of India
3.which Gas Is Found In ReFrigerators ?
Ans. Chloro fluoro carbon(CFC)
4. Population of tiger in india 2014
Ans. 2,226
5.Methane Gas Is a
Ans. colorless, odorless gas
6.Make In India Week ?
Ans. Feb 13 - Feb 18, 2016(designed to facilitate investment, foster innovation, enhance skill development and build best-in-class manufacturing infrastructure)
7. Central defence minister?
Ans. Manohar Parrikar
8. Which Party has won second large MP seats in Lok sabha 2014?
Ans. Indian National Congress(45 changed after by-election)
9. What is the next occurring Halley comet ?
Ans. 28 July 2061(source: NASA)
10. Who won the man of series in Asia cup t20?
Ans. Sabbir Rahman(Bangladesh)
11. Pluto Planet Was Discovered In Which Year ?
Ans. February 18, 1930
12. Who is Chairman of SBI ?
Ans. Smt. Arundhati Bhattacharya
13. What is the freezing point of water?
Ans. 00c
14.  World wetland day?
Ans. 2nd Feb
15. “Manusmriti” is written in Which language?
Ans. Sanskrit
16. Who is 3rd king in Mughal empire?
Ans. Akbar
17. Dadasaheb phalke award 2015 ?
Ans. shashi kapoor
18. Womens day ?
Ans. March 8
19. In which year gita is converted into english?
Ans. 1785(Charles Wilkins)
20. What is the process of purification of sea water called as?

Ans. Desalination

GK Questions Asked in RRB Exam: (Evening) 3rd Shift

These are the questions which were asked in evening shift (III) of Railway RRB NTPC online exam 2016.
1. Rajatarangini Related To Which State?
Ans. Jammu & Kashmir
2. Who Invented E-mail?
Ans. Shiva Ayyadurai
3. Which Gas Exposed in Bhopal Gas Tragedy ?
Ans. Methyl Isocyanate             
4. Unit of Force?
Ans. Newton
5. National Emergency imposed by
Ans. President
6. Which Country Won Maximum No.of FIFA Football Cups?
Ans. Brazil
7. Sumitra Mahajan is Representing Which constituency ?
Ans. Indore      
8. What Is Blue Moon?
Ans. The third full Moon in an astronomical season with 4 full Moons
9. CT Scan Full Form?
Ans. Computerized Tomography Scan
10. Plastics are made up of?
Ans. Polymers
11. Main material in glass?
Ans. silica
12. CEC Full Form?

Ans. Chief Election Commissioner

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