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Railway 29 April RRB NTPC Online Exam GK Questions

RRB NTPC Questions 2016 – 29 April Railway GK Questions Asked in Non Technical Graduate Exam 2016: All GK Questions which were asked on 2nd April in RRB NTPC Online Exam are given below. Are you looking for RRB NTPC Exam General Awareness (GK/ GS) & Current Affairs Questions? If you are searching for RRB NTPC exam answer key, this solved paper will help you in this regard. Check Railway Non-Technical (Graduate) exam questions below.

Questions have been provided of all Shifts (I, II & III) on this page. Stay in touch!

We are here to provide you candidates the Railway Online Exam GK Questions which were asked in RRB NTPC Exam dated 29th April 2016 along with solutions. Candidates can find GK Questions as well the solutions of every GK question asked in RRB NTPC exam held on 29 April 2016.

Railway RRB NTPC GK Questions 29-04-2016 Exam

Online examination for RRB NTPC is being conducted in the month of April 2016. Here we have short listed all GK question along with theirs’ answers which was asked in RRB NTPC exam for both morning and evening shift exam 29-4-2016. RRB NTPC GK and Current Affairs questions are given below.

GK Questions Asked in RRB Exam: (Morning) 1st Shift

These are the questions which were asked in morning shift (I) of Railway RRB NTPC online exam 2016.
1. Which pakistani cricket umpire which has been banned for 5 years?
Ans. Asad Rauf 
2. Delhi is made capital in which year?
Ans. 1911 
3. While raining a type of smell comes known as.
Ans. Petrichor 
4. Who is the opposition leader in Rajya Sabha?
Ans. Ghulam Nabi Azad 
5. How many official languages in India according to constitution?
Ans. 22 
6. Anshu Gupta who received Raman Megsaysay award is an official to which NGO company?
Ans. Goonj 
7. Animal protection day is on.
Ans. 4th October 
8. What is study of soil called as?
Ans. Pedology 
9. Who is chairman of human rights commission?
Ans. HL Dattu 
10. What are number of balls in snooker?
Ans. 22 
11. Who is president of south Asian wrestling federation?
Ans. Mr. Brijbhushan Sharan 
12. In which year Aryabhatta was launched?

Ans. 1975

GK Questions Asked in RRB Exam: 2nd Shift

These are the questions which were asked in afternoon shift (II) of Railway RRB NTPC online exam 2016.
1. Clouds float in the sky because of their...
Ans. Low Density 
2. Who among the following was a cofounder of Swaraj party?
Ans. Motilal Nehru
3. Real founder of Gupta dynasty?
Ans. Chandragupta 1 
4. Gautam Buddha’s first sermon?
Ans :Sarnath 
5. Godavari doesn’t pass through which if the following states?
Ans. Gujarat 
6. Science that deals with diseases particularly of men?
Ans. Andrology 
7. Google tied up with which watch company for smart watch ?
Ans. LVMH watch brand
8. IRC satellite for which purpose?
Ans. uses for voice and data communication channels 
9. Rakesh Sharma was going to which yan aboard ?
Ans. Soyuz T-11 
10. 1st CW game established in...
Ans. Hamilton, Canada 
11. What is output when methane gas is burnt?
Ans. Carbon Di Oxyde 
12. Which is World’s first cashless country?
Ans. Sweden 
13. Atom with the largest diameter...
Ans. Antoine 
14. Indian Hockey team won in the Olympic in which year...
Ans. 1928 
15. Alassane Ouattara is...
Ans. President of Ivory Coast 
16. Malaysian flag has how many lines between two symbols?
Ans. 14 
17. Worlds highly efficient CEO according to FORBES?
Ans. Jeffrey Bezos, Amazon 
18. IPCC full form is...
Ans. Intergovernmental Penal On Climate Change 
19. Which element in given options has highest atomic mass?

Ans. iodine 

GK Questions Asked in RRB Exam: 3rd Shift

These are the questions which were asked in evening shift (III) of Railway RRB NTPC online exam 2016.
1. Kathakali belongs to which state?
Ans. Kerala 
2. Archery was introduced in olympics in which year?
Ans. 1900
3. Cell found in plant not in animal?
Ans. chloroplasts 
4. First animal to enter space?
Ans. Laika 
5. Clinical thermometer invented by?
Ans. Sir Thomas Clifford Allbutt 
6. Study of sand?
Ans. arenology 
7. Atomic number of oxygen ?
Ans. 8 
8. Subhash Chandra Bose founded which party?
Ans. Indian National Congress 
9. Last king of chola dynasty?
Ans. Rajendra Chola III 
10. first summer olympic games?
Ans. 1896 
11. Statue made by modi in britain?
Ans. Basaveshwara statue
12. Strategic Air Command (SAC. headquarters located at?
Ans. Columbia 
13. last governor General of India ?
Ans. Rajagopalachari 
14. Which year did the kyoto protocol start?
Ans. 1997 
15. Which country PM residence is known as Temple Tree?
Ans. Prime Minister of Sri Lanka 
16. In which space craft did Rakesh sharma travel?
Ans. Soyuz T-11 
17. Arundhathi roy belongs to which NGO?

Ans. NGO-ization 

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