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Railway 5 April RRB NTPC Online Exam GK Questions

Railway Exam Questions 2016 – 5 April RRB NTPC GK Questions Asked in Non Technical Graduate Online Exam 2016: All GK Questions which were asked on 5th April in RRB NTPC Online Exam are given below. Are you looking for RRB NTPC Exam General Awareness (GK/ GS) & Current Affairs Questions? If you are searching for RRB NTPC exam answer key, this solved paper will help you in this regard. Have a look at Railway Non-Technical (Graduate) exam questions below.

Questions have been provided of all Shifts (I, II & III) on this page. Stay in touch!

We have once again come up with Railway Online Exam GK Questions which were asked in RRB NTPC Exam dated 5th April 2016 along with solutions. Candidates can find GK Questions as well the solutions of every GK question asked in RRB NTPC exam held on 5 April 2016.

Railway RRB NTPC GK Questions 05-04-2016 Exam

Online examination for RRB NTPC is being conducted in the month of April 2016. Here we have short listed all GK question along with theirs’ answers which was asked in RRB NTPC exam for both morning and evening shift exam of 5-4-2016. RRB NTPC GK and Current Affairs questions are given below.

GK Questions Asked in RRB Exam: (Morning) 1st Shift

These are the questions which were asked in morning shift (I) of Railway RRB NTPC online exam 2016.
1. Panipat Refinery belongs to?
Ans. Haryana (IOCL)
2. Dadabhai Naoroji worked as a professor in which University?
Ans. Elphinstone College
3. Indo-Pak war in which year?
Ans. 1971
4. Which is most populous state according to 2011 census?
Ans. Uttar Pradesh
5. Forest cover of India according to 2015 survey?
Ans. 7,01,673 sq km
6. How many world heritage site in India by UNESCO?
Ans. 32
7. In Computer, Which changes source code into object code?
Ans. Assembler
8. Which is not related to genetic engineering?
9. Odd one out? (Yahoo.com, Facebook.com, Whatsapp)
10. What is the National Game of USA?
Ans. Base Ball
11. Law of Inertia was given by?
Ans. Newton
12. How many medals India gets in 12th South Asian Game?
Ans. 188
13. Bio Diesel Locomotive Coming in which Railway Zone?
Ans. Hubli Division
14. Which of the following is not a programming language?
Ans. Assembly Language
15. Rank of India in Human Development Index?
Ans. 130
16. What is the full form of ISI?
Ans. Inter Services Intelligence
17. Astrosat Satellite launched in which year?
Ans. 2015
18. Avalanche Survivor's name?
Ans. Hanamanthappa
19. Toxicology is study of?
Ans. Adverse effects of chemicals
20. Who is founder of White Revolution?
Ans. Verghese Kurien
21. Ctrz + Z is shortcut for Waht?
Ans. Udno
22. Which of the following in not recepient of Padma Vibhushan?
23. Device is used to transfer/ Communicate in short distance?
Ans. Bluetooth

GK Questions Asked in RRB Exam: 2nd Shift

These are the questions which were asked in afternoon shift (II) of Railway RRB NTPC online exam 2016.
1. Who was the man of the series in 2011 Cricket World Cup?
Ans. Yuvraj Singh
2. Which of the following city is on the bank of Nile River>
Ans. Khartoum
3. Where is largest Coal Deposit in India?
Ans. Damodar Valley
4. The Union Territory approved as Smart City?
Ans. New Delhi
5. The Biography of Indira Gandhi is written by?
Ans. Pupul Jayakar
6. What is the Literacy rate of india as per 2011 cencus?
Ans. 17.04%

7. National Sports Day is on?
Ans. 29th August
8. What is Bio Diversity?
Ans. Verity of Life on Earth
9. Name of the city without Planetarium?
10. Which element is responsible for Air pollution?
Ans. Sulphur Dioxide

11. Pith bland is related to?
Ans. Uranium
12. Epidemiology is study of?
Ans. Distribution & Determinants of health related states.
13. What is the Capital of Dada & Nagar Haweli?
Ans. Silvasa
14. 1024 Gygabyte  is equal to?
Ans. 1 Terabyte
15. Which Device is used to connect Computer wirelessly?
Ans. Wi-fi Router
16. Who is the Author of song “Amor Bangla”?
Ans. Rabindranath Tagore
17. What is the language of Mughal Dynasty?
Ans. Persian Language

18. What is the Atomic number of Metal?
Ans. Sum of Potrol and Neutron
19. What is the Flag code of India?
20. Ans. 2002
What is the full form of PDF?
Ans. Portable Document Format

GK Questions Asked in RRB Exam: 3rd Shift (Evening)

These are the questions which were asked in afternoon shift (II) of Railway RRB NTPC online exam 2016.
1. Which country got maximum no. of Medals in 2012 Olympics?
Ans. USA
2. Which Team won Under 19 Cricket World Cup?
Ans. West Indies
3. In which state Khajuraho temples can be found?
Ans. Madhya Pradesh
4. Who founded Swaraj party?
Ans. Chitranjan Das
5. Where is the statue of liberty?
Ans. New York
6. India occupies how much percentage of world s geographical area?
7. Which among them is not a good conductor of electricity?
Ans. Option
8. Euro is the currency of?
9. Which cricketer hit consecutive three centuries in world cup cricket?
10. What is the length of digestive system?
11. Which among these is not of alkaline nature?
12. Infrared waves are what type of wave?
13. Tashkent agreement signed after which indo pak war?
Ans. 1965
14. India came under direct control of British in which year?
Ans. 1858
15. Bangladesh shares boundaries with which of the following countries?
Ans. Tripura
16. While moving up an elevator what happens to out body weight?
17. Gas released during respiration by us?

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