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Patna High Court Assistant Exam Answer key 2016 Download

Patna High Court Answer key 2016 – Download Assistant Exam Paper Solution: Are you looking for Patna High Court Assistant Answer key PDF? High Court of Patna has recently conducted its Assistant Exam now they are all set to upload Answer key of Assistants Exam 2016. Written examination for Patna High court Assistant exam was held on 24 May 2016.

Answer key for Patna high court will be uploaded on its official website at Candidates applied for Patna high court Assistant recruitment can download its Answer key.
Patna High Court had conducted written preliminary examination for the recruitment of Assistant vacancies on 24th May. A large number of candidates have appeared for Patna High court Assistant Examination 2016. Now all of them are very eager to know the corrected answer of all the questions which were asked in Patna High Court Assistant Exam 2016.

Patna High Court Assistant Answer key 2016

The THE HIGH COURT OF JUDICATURE AT PATNA, has invited online application for filling up 179 Assistants vacancies in Patna High Court in April 2016. Now, within a month they conducted preliminary written exam and now Answer keys of the same. Candidates applied for Bihar High Court Assistant Exam 2016 can download their Answer key PDF.

PHC Assistant Official Answer Key [Download]

Candidates appeared for Patna High Court Assistant Examination started searching their exam Answer key on internet. As per the news we got about Patna High Court written examination model answer key will be available on 27 May 2016. Candidates can download Answer key as it goes available for download.

Bihar High Court Exam 2016:

  • Online Registration: April 2016
  • Date of Written Examination (Assistants): 24-05-2016
  • Total Number of Questions: 100
  • Full Marks: 100
  • Release of Model Answer Key:

Patna High Court Assistant written exam Answer key is available for download here on this page at Download Patna High Court Assistant Answer key.

General Knowledge

31. Where did Aurangazeb died?
Ans. Aurangabad
32. The deepest ocean of the world is?
Ans. Pacific Ocean
33. Which of the following article of the Indian Constitution abolished the practice of untachability?
Ans. Article 17
34. RBI Does not transact the business of which State Governments?
Ans. J & K
35. The Preamble of Indian Constitution was for the first time amended by the?
Ans. 42nd Amendment
36. Jahangir Khan is famous in which sports?
Ans. Squash
37. The UN flag was adopted by the General Assembly on
Ans. October 20, 1947
38. The System of Judicial Review originated in?
Ans. U.S.A
39. Where is Bandipur National Park
Ans. Karnataka
40. The maximum permissible gap between two sessions of Parliament is?
Ans. 6 Months
41. Which of the following Indian States first adopted the 3-tier Panchayati Raj System?
Ans. Rajasthan
42. In the theird Battle of Panipat, the Marathas were defeated by
Ans. The Afghans
43. Which of the following non-members of Parliament has right to address it?
Ans. Attorney General of India
44. The Jawahar Tunnel, the largest in India is located in?
Ans. Jammu & Kashmir
45. What inspired the Paintings of Ajanta?
Ans. Compassionate Buddha
46. A passenger standing in a bus is thrown outward when the bus takes a sudden turn. This happens due to?
Ans. Inertia of motion
47. The Simon Commission was formed to review
Ans. Constitution for India
48. Which is the latest Satellite of India placed in the geosynchronous orbit?
49. During Emergency, imposed under Article 352, which of the following provisions stands suspended?
Ans. Fundamental Rights
50. Which was the first Talkie Feature film of India?
Ans. Alam Ara
51. Which constitutions provision enables the Central Government to provide reservation in jobs and educational institutions for the weaker sections of the society?
Ans. Section 16
52. Which of the following currencies has the highest value in terms of rupee?
Ans. Pound
53. Which of the following gases in present under pressure in soft drinks?
Ans. Carbon Dioxide
54. Typhoid fever is cause by?
Ans. Bacteria
55. What is the playing time of full version of the Indian National Anthem?
Ans. 52 Seconds
56. Which of the following events made the English East India Company the legitimate masters of the Bengal Suba?
Ans. Battle of Buxar, 1764
57. Which one of the following has the highest wind velocity?
Ans. Tornodo
58. What is the age upto which Children are prohibited from employment in any factory/ mines/ hazardous work?
Ans. 14 years
59. When too much money is chasing too few goods, the situation is
Ans. Inflation
60. The crops grown after the summer monsoon are called
Ans. Rabi


Q (1 to 5). In each of the following sentences, a proverb is highlighted. Select the alternative which best describe its use in the sentence.
1. In the lat budget, the government brought forward a new scheme of taxation.
Ans. Introduced
2. The sales of the company are increasing by leaps and bounds.
Ans. No correct option provided
3. The Police made considerable headway in sorting the papers.
Ans. Progress
4. The kind old women received the stranger with open arms.
Ans. With Warmth
5. My Friend ran off helter-skelter down the slope.
Ans. Hurriedly and in confusion.
Q (6 to 10). Find the Misspelt word.
6. Prioratise
7. Obnoxious
8. Penetrate
9. Passageway
10. Tempestuous
11. We ought to respect our parents and teachers.
12. We are highly disappointed with exam results.
13. Let us sit down in the shade of a tree for some time.
14. Mother had prepared 20 biscuits, Rani ate all of them. Therefore, mother called her a Glutton.
15. You are fortunate in having an intelligent and obedient son.
Q (16 to 20). Common Errors.
16. He is a university professor (A)/ but of his three sons (B)/ neither has any merit. (C)/ No error (D)
17. After knowing truth (A)/ They took the right decision (B)/ in the matter. (C)/ No error (D).
18. It is time you (A)/ decide on your next (B)/ course of action. (C)/ No error (D)
19. He who has suffered most (A)/ for the cause. (B)/ let him speak. (C)/ No error (D).
20. A cup of coffee (A)/ is an excellent complement. (B)/ to smoked salmon. (C) No error (D)
Q (21 to 23). Select the word opposite in meaning.
21. Candid = Devious
22. Facilitate = Hinder
23. Affirm = Negate
Q (24 & 25). Find one word substitutions.
24. One who walks in sleep = Somnambulist
25. A specialist who texts eyesight = Ophthalmologist
Q (26 to 30). Read the passage and answer the following questions.
26. Antibiotics are called “overworked miracles” because.
Ans. They are over used.
27. We cannot think of a return to “pre-antibiotics days” means
Ans.We cannot stop using antibiotics
28. The passage tells us that.
Ans. Antibiotics are used indiscriminately.
29. The passage discusses the use of
Ans. Antibiotics
30. “These days it is not uncommon to prescribed antibiotics” means
Ans. It is common practice antibiotics.


61. 728 (D)
62. 14,202 (C)
63. 732 Kgs (B)
64. 6.3 Litres (D)
65. No correct option provided
66. 18 (A)
67. 80 Km/hr (C)
68. 767 (A)
69. 16 Years (D)
70. 27,200 (A)
71. 9 (B)
72. 1/32 (C)
73. 3.14 (B)
74. 24 (B)
75. 0.3% (B)
76. 3 (A)
77. 355 (C)
78. 34 years (B)
79. 500 (A)
80. 20% (B)


81. अभिवयक्ति
82. कुलीन
83. समूह वाचक संज्ञा
84. गीता सबसे श्रेष्ठ-तम ग्रन्थ है
85. निक्रिस्ट
86. भाव वाचक सर्वनाम
87. नि: + रोग
88. आज्ञाकारिणी
89. निरपेक्ष न्याय करना
90. सम्बन्ध वाचक सर्वनाम
91. गरीबी
92. नही
93. कंगन, कपड़ा, क्षत्रिय
94. संयुक्त वाक्य
95. कबीर
96. कमल
97. सौ बार
98. रञनी
99. अधिकरण
100. स्त्री-लिंग

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