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BOB Manipal PO Questions 2016 GK, GA Questions Asked in Exam

BOB Manipal PO Questions 2016 – Bank of Baroda PO General Awareness Exam Questions: GK Questions Asked in BOB Manipal PO Exam is given below. Are you looking for BOB Manipal PO Exam GA Questions? If you are searching for Bank of Baroda Manipal PO exam answer key, this solved paper will help you in this regard. Check BOB Manipal PO GK Questions lists.

BOB PO GK Question (Morning & Evening) Shift questions.

We have here provided the General Awareness (GA) Questions which were asked in BOB Manipal PO Exam dated 25th September 2016, along with solutions. Candidates can find GK questions as well the solutions of every Bank of Baroda Manipal PO exam questions 2016.

BOB Manipal PO GA Questions:

Online examination for BOB Manipal PO was held on 25th September 2016. Here we have listed the question along with answers which was asked in BOB Manipal PO exam for both morning and evening shift exam on 8th February. BOB Manipal PO GK and Computer Questions are given below.

GA Questions Asked in BOB PO Exam: 25-09-2016

Evening Shift Questions:

1. UEFA footballer of the year?
Ans. Cristiano Ronaldo
2. Indian athletes got silver in Rio Olympics?
Ans. PV Sindhu
3. Current Repo Rate?
Ans. 6.50%
4. New Development Bank Headquarter?
Ans. Sanghai, China
5. Durand Cup winner?
Ans. India blue
6. Deputy Governor of RBI?
Ans. NS Viswanathan
7. RBI Sachet for which purpose?
Ans. To check illegal money collection
8. Khangchendzonga National Park?
Ans. Sikkim
9. BSBDA full form?
Ans. Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account
10. Country of highest medal of Olympics 2016?
Ans. USA
11. Headquarter of AIIB?
Ans. Beijing, China
12. The Uttar Pradesh government announced to honor Indian wrestler?
Ans. Sakshi Malik
Ans. New Delhi
14. UPI app Empower?
Ans. Canara Bank
15. 2016 Wimbledon winners in women singles?
Ans. Serena Williams
16. Vyaas samman 2015?
Ans. Sunita Jain
17. Isalimic bank headquarters?
Ans. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
18. Tarun Ramadorai from which university?
Ans. University of Cambridge
19. Amitabh Kant Committee?
Ans. E-commerce
20. SmartUp app by which bank?
Ans.  HDFC Bank
21. Hanif Mohammad, who died recently had played for?
Ans. Pakistan
22. Renewable Bond Known as?
Ans. Clean Renewable Energy Bonds
23. Reliance set up a payment bank with the help of which Bank?
Ans. SBI
24. RBI's S4A?
Ans. Scheme for Sustainable Structuring of Stressed Assets
25. First roof top solar plant in which state?
Ans.  Kerala
26. One question asked from SBI Mingle

27. One question asked from Priority Sector Lending Certificate

Morning Shift Questions:

1. Who is the MD of SBI?
Ans. Dinesh Kumar khara
2. Who is Union HRD Minister?
Ans.  Prakash Javadekar
3. What is curent CRR Rate?
Ans. 4%
4. Inflation Prediction by govt of India in next 5 years?
Ans. 4%
5. Who is the Governor of Meghalaya?
Ans. V. Shanmuganathan
6. Who won Monaco Grand Pix?
Ans. Lewis Hamilton
7. No. of Banks included in UPI?
Ans. 29
8. Social Banking initiative by SBI?
Ans. Mingle App
9. New Development Bank is headed by?
Ans. KV Kamath
10. RBI Initiative new online portal?
Ans. Sachet
11. Govt. committee to monitor border security?
Ans. Madhukar Gupta
12. Who won Rio Olympics Bronze medal in freestyle wrestling?
Ans. Sakshi Malik
13. Urjit Patel has assumed charge as the___ Governor of Reserve Bank, succeeding Raghuram Rajan.
Ans. 24th
14. Rank of india in FDI?
Ans. 10th
15. Islamic Development Bank (IDB) in May 2016 announced to open its first branch in India at?
Ans. Ahmedabad
16. Interest rate on Loan to woman working group?
Ans. 7%
17. First state, which introduced GST?
Ans. Assam
18. ODD one out SBI merger?
Ans. State Bank of Saurashtra
19. An individual is eligible to have 'Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account' in one bank?
Ans. Only One
20. HDFC Bank has launched?
Ans.  SmartUp
21. World Humanitarian day 19th August theme was?
Ans. One Humanity
22. Kawal Tiger Reserve is located at?
Ans. Telangana
23. 4 countries who got loan from AIIB?
Ans. Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia and Tajikistan
24. How many Indian companies in Fortune 500?
Ans. Seven Companies
25. Medium Scale Business Range?
Ans. 10 lakh to 5 crore
26. First Indian bank issue of Green bond?
Ans. Axis bank
27. RBI scheme Scheme for Sustainable  Structuring of Stressed Assets?
Ans. S4A
28. Maximum balance in the account should not exceed how much  rupees at any time?
Ans. Rs 50,000
29. Who  has been elected Chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)?
Ans. Sunil Bharti Mittal
30. SBI and Reliance share in payment bank?
Ans. 30:70
31. one questions asked from BSNL partership.
32. One question asked from Domestic Systemically Important Banks (DSIB) banks.

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