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Railway RRB NTPC Selection FAQ: Result, Psycho & Typing Test

RRB NTPC Exam 2017 FAQ – Railway 3rd Stage (Psycho/ Aptitude & Typing) Test Frequently Asked Questions: Looking for answer of your doubts regarding RRB NTPC Result, ASM Psycho Test and Typing Skill Test. Do you want your questions to be answered about RRB Non-Technical Aptitude/ Psycho Test and Typing Test 2017. The much awaited RRB NTPC Mains Result will be announced and Railway aspirants are all set to appear at Railway's 3rd Stage Online Psycho/ Aptitude Test for ASM and Typing Test for Sr. Clerk & JAA posts. Here is list of all the questions along with answers containing all doubts which is coming in the mind of Railway exam qualified aspirant right now.

RRB NTPC Result in May 2017.

The Railway Recruitment Board has come with its next phase of RRB NTPC recruitment process as third stage Aptitude/ Psycho Test for Asst Station Master, Goods Guard, Commercial Apprentice, Traffic Apprentice & Typing Test for Senior Clerk, JAA and other vacancies. On the other hand they have so many rules and regulation for it. Here we have come to help you better understand the conditions of RRB NTPC 3rd Stage Aptitude & Typing Test 2017.

RRB NTPC Selection FAQ: All Doubt Answered

RTI Can candidates change their post preference once again?
Ans. If there arises any major differences regarding change of category and vacancies then fresh option will be called from all the candidates who were eligible for 2nd stage CBT.

RTI From various sources I came to know that post of Junior Accounts Assistant cum Typist and Senior Clerk cum Typist posts would be abolished. Is this applicable from current ongoing recruitment.
Ans. Till date no final decision has been taken regarding the above matter. If any decision is taken in future that will be published accordingly.

Q Am I permitted to change my Post Preference?
Ans. Consequent to the increase in Grade Pay, the post of Assistant Station Master has been upgraded as Station Master, GP Rs. 4200 and post of Traffic Assistant has been upgraded to GP Rs. 2400. Hence, candidates will be provided one more chance to revise post preference order.

Q Will Railway Revise RRB NTPC Vacancies?
Ans. Vacancies may increase/ decrease as per requirement of indenting Railways.

Q When RRB NTPC 2nd Stage Result is coming?
Ans. RRB NTPC Mains result will be out anytime in May 2017.

Q How many candidates will be called for Typing & Aptitude Test?
Ans. As many as 8 Times of total vacancies will be called for Typing and aptitude test for 3rd stage exam. 65,488 candidates will be called. It is as per the decision taken by RRBs.

Q When can I check my RRB NTPC Aptitude/ Typing Test Dates.
Ans. Soon after announcing RRB NTPC Result, All Respective Railway Boards (RRBs) will publish list of candidates qualified for 3rd Stage exam along with their Test dates.

Q What will be my Examination center?.
Ans. Generally, RRB conducts Aptitude Test and Typing test in their Respective Board only.

Q When RRB NTPC Aptitude Test will be conducted?
Ans. Aptitude or Psychological Test for ASM will be conducted at short notice of 15 - 30 days after result. It is as per the decision taken by RRBs.

Q When RRB NTPC Typing Skill Test will be conducted?
Ans. Typing Skill test for Senior Clerk & Junior Accounts Assistant will be conducted after 20th May 2017. It is as per the decision taken by RRBs.

Q Am I allowed to skip my Aptitude/ Typing Skill Test?
Ans. Yes, You can. Do it wisely only if you are getting enough marks for other posts. It is as per the decision taken by RRBs.

About Psycho/ Aptitude & Typing Test

RTI Is there any negative Marking in Aptitude Test?
Ans. All details of Aptitude Test may be perused in RDSO official website which may be downloaded accordingly.

RTI Aptitude Test going to be online or offline?
Ans. Aptitude Test will be totally computer based but not online.

Q Will Psycho/ Aptitude Test be Online?
Ans. Yes, Railway is going to conduct Psycho Test Online for the first time in history. It is as per the decision taken by RRBs. Read this for details.

Q if marks of Psycho/ Aptitude Test will be added to Merit list?
Ans. Yes, Marks of Psychological Test of Aptitude Test will be considered for Final Merit List.

Q Tell me about Psycho/ Aptitude Test in details?
Ans. Follow the below posts.

Q If Typing Skill Test is qualifying in nature?
Ans. Yes, Typing Test is just another qualifying test. No marks will be added to final merit list. It is per the decision taken by RRBs.

Q Please tell me about Typing Skill Test in Details i.e. Duration, Passing Criteria and instructions of typing test?
Ans. Follow the below posts.

About Selection Procedure

RTI A candidate who opted his 1st preference as Commercial Apprentice and if he clears cut off of all posts (ASM, JAA, Sr Clerk) would he be called for Aptitude Test or Typing Test.
Ans. Aptitude (Psychometric) Test is required only for ASM post. Similarly, typing test is required for Senior Clerk and Junior Accounts Assistant (JAA) posts. If any candidate is found no eligible for his/ her first preference then he/ she will be eligible for 2nd option, provided his/ hers normalized marks are above cut off marks of 2nd category.

Q How Candidates will be selected for a particular post?
Ans. Candidates will be given a post on the basis of merit in his community and his post preference.

Q My first preference is ASM. What if i don't qualify in aptitude test? Will I be considered for other posts?
Ans. Yes, Candidates will be allotted a post on the basis of merit in his community and on his choice.

Q Who all will be called for Psycho/ Typing Test?
Ans. Those who have given their choice as ASM and are in merit, will be called for Aptitude Test.
Those who have given their choice as Sr Clerk cum typing & JAA post and are in merit, will be called for Typing Skill Test.

Q What If a candidate doesn't participate in Aptitude/ Skill Test. Will he/ she be rejected?
Ans. If a candidate doesn't participate in Aptitude/ Skill test he will not be considered for the post of Station Master (ASM), Senior Clerk and Junior Accountant (JAA), respectively.
He will be considered for balance posts on the basis of his/ her merit and choice.

Q What If I fail in Aptitude/ Typing Test, Will I be considered for other posts?
Ans. If you fail in Aptitude Test or Typing Test or in both test, you still have chance for other lower preference posts. All you must got enough marks for those posts.

Q My First Preference is CA and I'm not getting enough marks. Will I be considered for other posts?
Ans. Yes, don't worry. If you are not eligible for your 1st choice, for balancing posts, as per your post preference order, you will be provided other posts.

Q When Final Result will be declared?
Ans. Final result will be declared after completion of Aptitude/ Skill Test.

Q Will the medical for a particular post be done after its allotment or before its allotment?
Ans. Medical test will be conducted after allotment of posts.

Q Will I have any chance for alternative post, If I fail in Medical Test for A-2 Category (ASM, GG & TT) Posts?  
Ans. Candidates qualifying in examinations for these posts but failing in prescribed medical examinations will not, under any circumstances, be considered for any alternative appointment. 

Q If a candidate is not found fit for a particular post, can he/ she be considered for lower medical category posts??

Ans. Post once allotted will not be changed. Candidate not found medically fit, will not be given other post.

Q Is there any chance of increase in the notified number of vacancies?
Ans. Vacancies may increase or decrease as per the requirement of indenting Railways. Vacancy will be increased in many boards including RRB Ajmer.

Q When can I get my Normalization Marks?
Ans. Details or normalization will be shared after completion of exam.

About Medical Tests
Q Posts includes in RRB NTPC 03/2015 comes under which Eye-Vision Category?
Ans. Assistant Station Master (ASM), Traffic Apprentice (TA), Traffic Assistant and Goods Guard comes under A-2 Category while remaining posts comes under C-1 Category.
Q What's in Railway Medical Test?
Ans. Medical examination includes- (i) General physical examination, and (ii) Vision tests.
Q What is the exact meaning of the test conducted as A2?
Ans. A-2 means physically fit in all respects.
Visual Standards - Distance vision: 6/9,6/9 without glasses.
Near Vision: Sn: 0.6, 0.6 without glasses and must pass test for Color Vision, Binocular Vision, Field of Vision & Night Vision.

If you pass A2 test then you automatically clear A3, B1, B2, C1, and C2 test..

Q If Spectacles are allowed in Railway Medical Test?
Ans. No glasses are to be permitted for A-2 categories posts.

Q If Contact lenses are allowed in Railway Medical Test?
Ans. Contact lenses shall not be permitted in category A and B.

Q If Radial Keratotomy/Lasik surgery is allowed in Railway Medical Test?
Ans. Lasik/ Laser/ Radial Keratotomy or any other surgical treatment for eye vision correction will make you unfit for A-2 Category posts.

About Other Queries

Q If Call letter will be provided for Typing & Psycho Test?
Ans. Yes, you will be provided Call letter for Typing and Aptitude Test 2017.

Q Is it mandatory to carry Medical Certificate issued by a Doctor to the Psycho/ Aptitude Test center?
Ans. Candidates called for Aptitude Test for the post of ASM & Traffic Assistant are required to bring Vision Certificate to Aptitude Test centre from an Eye Specialist on prescribed proforma as per Annexure-IX, failing which they will not be allowed to appear in the Aptitude Test.

Q Is it mandatory for Scribes to carry their Final e-Call Letter and ID proof to the examination center?
Ans. Yes, it is mandatory for Scribes to carry their Call Letter and ID proof to the examination center.

Q Am I permitted to opt for railway pass after submitting my application?
Ans. No, you cannot opt for train pass after submitting the application.