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Railway Medical Standards: RRB NTPC Eye Vision for ASM, Guard, TA

Railway Medical Test Standards – RRB NTPC Eye Vision Test for ASM, Goods Guard & TA: Candidates with Station Master (ASM), Goods Guard and Traffic Apprentice (TA) post preference are need to be ready for strict Medical Test for final selection as Railway has announced yet another RRB NTPC Recruitment for the year 2019.

Railway will conduct medical test.  

As we all know, Indian Railway is known for its Medical Test Standards. Visual Acuity Standard is one of the important criteria of medical fitness of railway staff. Railway maintains high criteria for medical especially eye standards for its RRB NTPC Recruitment Process. Details of A-2 and C-1 Eye vision standards are given below.

RRB NTPC Eye-Vision Standard for ASM, Goods Guard, TA

What are the Eye-Vision Standards for ASM, Goods Guard, Traffic Apprentice (TA) and other posts under RRB NTPC 01/2019 recruitment. Many aspirants had committed mistake while choosing Post Preference in Railway Non-Technical Recruitment for various Graduate categories posts. Those candidates are now worrying about their selection as Railway is serious when it comes to Eye Vision Test of ASM, Goods Guard and TA posts.

RRBB NTPC Exam is for Goods Guard, Traffic Assistant, Senior Time Keeper, Traffic Apprentice (TA), Commercial Apprentice (CA), Senior Clerk cum Typist, Assistant Station Master (ASM), Enquiry cum Reservation Clerk (ECRC) and Junior Accounts Assistant cum Typist (JAA) posts. Here in the post below, we have shared details of Railway Medical Test Standard & Eye-Vision Test for RRB NTPC 2019.

Railway Medical Test Standards & Eye Vision Rules

The candidates recommended for appointment will have to pass requisite medical fitness tests conducted by the Railway Administration to ensure that the candidates are medically fit to carry out the duties connected with the Assistant Station Master, Goods Guard, Traffic Apprentice and other posts. The medical requirements against RRB NTPC 03/2015 for different medical standards & different categories are outlined below:

A-2 : Eye-Vision standard

Physically fit in all respects.
Visual Standards – Distance Vision: 6/9, 6/9 without glasses/ contact lens.
Near Vision: Sn: 0.6, 0.6 without glasses/ contact lens.
Colour Vision, Binocular Vision, Field of Vision & Night Vision must be present.

What are the post come under A-2 Category?
  1. Traffic Apprentice (TA).
  2. Assistant Station Master (ASM).
  3. Goods Guard.

C-1 : Eye-Vision standard

Physically fit in all respects.
Visual Standards – Distance Vision: 6/12, 6/18 with or without glasses.
Near Vision: Sn: 0.6, 0.6 with or without glasses when reading or close work is required.

What are the post come under C-1 Category?
  1. Jr. Accounts Assistant cum Typist (JAA)
  2. Sr. Clerk cum Typist
  3. Enquiry cum Reservation clerk (ECRC)
  4. Traffic Assistant
  5. Sr. Time Keeper

What is 6/6, 6/9, 6/12, 6/18 Eye Vision?

These 6/6, 6/9, 6/12, 6/18 Eye vision are called Visual Acuity Standard that are measured using Snellen’s chart. A group of letters are printed in different font sizes which a person has to read standing from a particular distance. Check out the picture given below for details.
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When you visit to test your eyes, you will be asked to read the letters in each row from a distance of 6 metres.

1. If you score 6 / 6, it means you are able to see things located 6 metres away. This is considered to be the normal condition.

2. 6 / 9 denotes that you are seeing objects from 6 mtrs, which are normally seen by a person who is at 9 mtrs. It implies that your vision is slightly below the normal condition.

3. 6 / 12 & 6 / 18 – It means you are able to read letters at 6 mtrs, what a normal person can read at 12 mtrs & 18 mtrs. This is also not a normal condition.

RRB NTPC Medical Physical Tests

Candidate must be in good mental and bodily health and free from any defect likely to interfere with the effective performance of the duties of his appointment.

Following tests are examined for RRB NTPC:

  • Measurement of height, weight and chest girth will be recorded.
  • The condition of heart and lungs.
  • The condition of teeth and gums (well filled teeth will be considered as sound).
  • Whether there is any evidence of abdominal disease.
  • Whether there is any hernia or tendency to hernia.
  • Whether there is any degree of hydrocoele, varicose veins  or  piles.
  • Whether there is free movement of the joints.
  • Whether there is any inveterate skin disease.
  • Whether hearing in each ear is good and whether there is any disease of the ear.
  • Whether there is any speech defect.
  • Whether there is any contagious disease of the eyes or any other condition likely to lead to impairment of vision.
  • Whether there is any acute or chronic disease pointing to an impaired constitution.
  • Whether there is any communicable disease.

RRB NTPC Medical Test Selection Rules

  • Before indicating option(s) for categories in Online application, the applicants must ensure that he/she full fills the prescribed medical standards for that category/post.
  • Candidates qualifying in examinations for these posts but failing in prescribed medical examination will not, under any circumstances, be considered for any alternative appointment.
  • Candidates who do not fill the prescribed medical standards need not apply
  • The above medical standards ( Criteria) are indicative and not exhaustive and apply to candidates in general
  • For Ex-serviceman different standard apply.