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RRB NTPC ASM Aptitude Test Guide: Railway Psycho Test Instruction

RRB NTPC ASM Aptitude Test Guidelines - Railway Psycho Test Instructions for ASM: A hands on Material for candidates appearing at Psycho/ Aptitude Test for Assistant Station Master (ASM) posts. Everything you need to know about Railways's RRB NTPC ASMs Aptitude Test are provided below. Here in the post below, we have shared detailed pattern, syllabus, practice questions and study material for Psycho/ Aptitude Test 2017.

3rd and final stage of Railway's RRB NTPC (Graduate) Non-Technical recruitment is Psychometric/ Aptitude Test for the post of Assistant Station Master and Traffic Assistant posts. This test is to evaluate the real measures of candidates strengths and limitations.
To help you candidates in knowing the Railway ASMs Aptitude/ Psycho Test, we have once come up with detailed pattern of the Psychometric Test for RRB NTPC 2017.

Railway ASMs Aptitude/ Psycho Test Guidelines

Railway conducts ASM Aptitude Test to get the right sort of people to do the job. Candidates who do well on the test usually do well in the job itself.  The Railway Aptitude Test is next stage of RRB NTPC Selection procedure for the post of Asst Station Master (ASM). Marks of this ASM Psycho test are considered and also added to the final Result for Merit. It doesn't matter if you top the 1st Stage and 2nd Stage exams, you need to qualify this test to be recommended for Assistant Station Master (ASM) posts in Indian Railway.

The Aptitude Test is to be taken by only those candidates who qualify a minimum cut off in both the RRB NTPC Stage I and the Stage II Computer based test for the posts of Assistant Station Master (ASM) and Traffic Assistant.

Based on the post preference of various candidates while applying for RRB NTPC 03/2015, the candidates are shortlisted for ASMs Psychometric Test.

Nature of RRB NTPC Psycho/ Aptitude Test

The aptitude tests have been designed for various jobs in critical safety categories. This the first in the history of Railway Exams, you will be given a computer instead of the test battery, consisting of five-six tests, for the post of Assistant Station Master (ASM) and Traffic Assistant (Kolkata Metro) you.

Generally the tests are administered in groups of 35-150 candidates. They are required to answer the questions given on the computer screen and mark the responses on computer using mouse.

This is a Computer Based Test, you will be provided a computer at Aptitude Test center. The total
time duration for this test is 10 minutes.

Railway Aptitude Test Instructions for ASM & Traffic Asst

Following are the section of Asst Station Master’s Aptitude Test questions.
1. Intelligence Test
2. Selective Attention Test
3. Spatial Scanning Test
4. Information Ordering Test
5. Personality Test

The name of the tests shown here are only indicative. These may change at any time without prior notice.
Each test has separate Time Limit, which will be advised to you during test sessions. You have to
solve test items and mark your answers within the prescribed time.

Practice Questions for RRB NTPC Aptitude Test 2017

1. Test for measuring your Intelligence
In this test each problem consists of five figures, four of which are similar in a certain way. You are required to find out the one which is different from other four.
In the example given above you will note that figure No. 4 is different from the other figures as the 2 circles do not touch each other.

Practice Questions:
Psycho Test Questions

The answer for practice problems are 2, 4, 1, 4, 1, 3, 1, 5, 3, 4, 5, 5, 3, 1, 2, 5, 4, 2, 3 and 3 respectively.

2. Test for measuring Selective Attention
In this test your task is to add odd numbers, for example 1, 3, 5, etc., and indicate which of the five options shows the correct sum. While counting even numbers are to be ignored.
In the example given above you will note that option ‘D’ is the correct answer.

Practice Questions:
ASM Aptitude Test, Railway Psycho Test, RRB NTPC Aptitude Test

The answer for practice problems are A, D, B, C, A, C, B, E, B, A, D, C, D, E, A, B, C, E, B and E respectively.

3. Test for measuring Spatial Scanning
In this test you have to find out shortest possible route between any two stations (represented by alphabets) in the shortest possible time in a given map. Dark lines indicate streets. The circles are barriers, which cannot be crossed. Squares containing numbers represent houses. Number of the house passed by while finding the shortest route will be your answer.
The answer to first problem is 1. The answers to other problems are 5, 3, 2, 4, 4, 1, 5, 1 and 4.

Practice Questions:
ASM Aptitude Test, Railway Psycho Test, RRB NTPC Aptitude Test

The answer for practice problems are 10, 5, 6, 8, 9, 2, 10, 5, 10, 6, 9, 7, 3, 8, 6, 5, 2, 10, 4 and 1 respectively.

4. Information Ordering Test

Steps to solve the test are:

  1. First step is to know the value of the test figure from table 2.
  2. Add or subtract A-D process box value which sign of (X) to the value of test figure.
  3. Find out the corresponding figure from table 2 by using the value of last solved level of box D.
  4. Mark correct option according to figure.

5. Test for measuring your Personality
In this test some statements are given to find out your attitudes and interests. There are three possible answers to each statement. No particular answer is “Right” or “Wrong”. You have to select the alternative which is most appropriate for you.

Practice Questions:

Q. I prefer people who are –
(A) reserved
(B) in between
(C) make friends quickly

Last Minute Tips for ASM Aptitude/ Psycho Test

Here are are last minute tips which you should implement to get better score in RRB NTPC Aptitude Test.

Before the Test Session
  • Don’t stay up all night. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to reach the examination centre so that you don’t have to rush.
At the Test Session
  • Listen carefully to the instructions.
  • Do exactly as you are told.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask questions.
  • Think about each question before answering.
  • Work quickly and accurately, as most tests have short time limits.
  • Don’t waste time on difficult questions.
  • Do not try to copy the answers of your neighbors as his question booklet is likely to be different from you. 

As promised, we have provided syllabus and exact pattern of RRB NTPC Aptitude Test which will be conducted in April 2017. Feel free to share your view, ask you doubt via the comment box below...

RRB NTPC Psycho/ Aptitude Test Doubt Answered

Q What is the criteria to qualify in ASM's aptitude test?
Ans. In order to qualify in aptitude tests, the candidates are required to obtain T-score  42 in each test.

Q What is T-Score and how it is calculated?
Ans.  T-score is the normalized score statistically formulated for application all over. The range of the T-score is 20 to 80.

Q Is cut-off criteria for determining suitability of candidates is same all over the country?
Ans. The cut-off criteria for determining suitability of candidates are same in all the RRBs, all over the country. The qualifying marks of aptitude tests for all the RRBs are same and there is no variation at all.

Q Is there any negative marking in aptitude testing?
Ans. No, aptitude testing is meant for assessment of required cognitive attribute in a candidate and there is no negative marking in aptitude testing.

Q How the marks obtained by a candidate in RRB examination and aptitude testing are calculated for selection of a candidate?
Ans. The scores of a candidate in RRB examination and thereafter in aptitude test as a part thereof are apportioned in the ratio of 70: 30 for preparation of the final merit list.

Q How to calculate T Score and composite Score of a candidate in Aptitude Test?
Ans. The cut-off for Tests are fixed on the basis of Normalized T-score. The Mean of normalized T-score is 50 and its SD is 10. The basic parameters required to calculate T-score are Mean and Standard Deviation calculated from normalized sample. The range of the T-score is 20 to 80.

The formula to calculate T-score is:

The T-score for dummy subject for a test can be calculated as follows:

  • Dummy subject score on Test 1 = 20
  • Mean of Test 1 on normative sample = 14
  • SD of Test 1 on normative sample = 3 

Calculation of composite score is as follows:
As weightage to aptitude test is 30, the composite score of a dummy subject can be calculated as follows:

  • Composite T-score of a candidate having 5 tests in a battery is = 300
  • The max T-score a candidate can obtain having 5 tests in a battery is (80×5) = 400.
  • The composite score out of 30 is :
  • Out of 400 score candidate scored = 300