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RRB NTPC Vacancy Decreased: Railway Revised Guard, Clerk Posts

RRB NTPC Vacancy Decreased – Railway to Reduced RRB NTPC 03/2015 Vacancies of Goods Guard, CA/ TA, Sr Clerk & JAA posts. Another sad news for RRB NTPC aspirants who are currently waiting for 2nd Stage Mains exam result. The Railway Recruitment Boards (RRBs) have decided to revise vacancies notified through CEN 03/2015. There is even good chances of decrease in total number of vacancies in each Railway Board.

Proposal to Reduce Vacancies in RRB NTPC CEN 03/2015 has been accepted.

Railway is planning to decrease RRB NTPC vacancy while aspirants are expecting for increase in vacancy. This is really bad for many candidates who are hoping for their result in RRB NTPC 2017 exam. Details are provided below...
As reported by Mr. Amitabha Khare Executive Director of the Railway Recruitment Board, Delhi, "We are trying very hard to revise the RRB NTPC Vacancies to as many as 18,252 again as notified through RRB CEN 03/2015 Advertisement against the Railway Administration's order to reduce 20% RRB NTPC vacancies."

Why Decrease in RRB NTPC 03/2015 Vacancies?

As you all know, Railway Administration has proposed to reduce RRB NTPC Vacancies by 20% including abolishment of Clerical posts i.e. ECRC, Senior Clerk and JAA. Here are some reason, why Railway has decided to reduce NTPC vacancies against RRB CEN 03/2015.

50% Vacancies through GDCE Quota

Increasing Non-Technical Graduate vacancies through GDCE Quota from 25% to 50% is only biggest reason to reduce RRB NTPC 03/2015 vacancy. Let's have a look at the recruitment rule of NTPC Graduate vacancies for filling up Station Master, Goods Guard, Commercial/ Traffic Apprentice (CA & TA), ECRC, Senior Clerk, Junior Accounts Assistant (JAA) posts.

1. 15% by Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LDCE) from amongst group C & D  staff of Operating and Commercial departments.
2. 50% (Earlier 25% only) by General Departmental Competitive Examination (GDCE) from amongst group C & D  staff of Operating and Commercial departments.
3. Only 35% of vacancies through Open Recruitment.

Here you can see, now Indian Railway has 65% vacancies for department examination and only 35% vacancies left to be filled by NTPC direct recruitment through Railway Recruitment Boards (RRB). Increasing GDCE vacancies quota from 25% to 50% is worst decision taken by Railway Board from RRB NTPC candidates' points of view.

Apparently, 25% decrease in Railway Non-Technical (NTPC) open recruitment leads to decrease in RRB NTPC Vacancies against RRB CEN 03/2015.

Removal of Clerk Posts from Open Recruitment

Railway is planning to remove Clerical posts from open direct recruitment through Non Technical category. Post of Senior Clerk, Junior Accounts Assistant (JAA) & Enquiry-cum-Reservation Clerk (ECRC) are going to be reserved for Departmental Examination (GDCE & LDCE), As a Compassion and Medically Unfit employees only.

As you know, Railway generally used to have less number of clerical posts then posts in Safety department. They have also increased GDCE quota from 25% to 50%. Obviously, they will have now very few clerical posts to recruit through Open vacancies which Railway is planning to nullify.

Burden of 7th Pay Commission

What I think about pointing 7th CPC, this is just another excuse by Railway Administration rather than any valid reason. With the name of 7th pay commission & increase in bonus, they are making only excuses. This can't be a valid reason, almost all department in India have affected by 7th Pay commission. So it doesn't make sense by pointing this as reason to reduce RRB NTPC vacancy.

Railway is going to provide another chance to change RRB NTPC post preference order for their own interest and because of revision/ decrease/ abolishment of some posts or total post of a category not because of increase in ASM's Grade pay. ASM's Grade pay is just another excuse by Railway Recruitment Boards.

Railway RRB NTPC Revised Vacancy

This is quite some tragedy for those candidates waiting for RRB NTPC Final Result. While candidates were hoping for increase in total vacancy announced for Railway Non-Technical (NTPC) Graduate posts, RRB turns evil and decreased the number of vacancies in many Railway Boards. It is also been expected that they are going to revise RRB NTPC Total Vacancy notified against CEN 03/2015. RRB may decrease their vacancy which will be even less than 18252 posts. So I expect a very difficult situation for all aspirants. RRB NTPC Cut-off also might breach 80-90 at this rate.

This is what Railway Officials are saying on RRB NTPC Revised Vacancy.
Vacancies through RRB NTPC 03/2015 has been revised due to huge burden on Indian Railways after implementation of 7th CPC.

The proposals from various RRBs were to enhancement/ clubbing/ reduction of vacancies in CEN 03/2015, for which Railway Board has not agreed to any increase in vacancy.
However, proposals of reduction in notified vacancies received from Railways have been accepted.
Note: Not a good news again for fellow RRB NTPC Aspirants, What we have been saying to you candidates since few weeks, looks true now. The document posted here clearly suggests, it was a proposal to reduce Goods Guard vacancy and to abolish all clerical posts against RRB CEN 03/2015. Check out the Revised Vacancy list.

No Change in Vacancy:

  1. Commercial Apprentice (CA): 703 Posts
  2. Traffic Apprentice (TA): 1645 Posts
  3. Station Master (ASM): 5942 Posts
  4. Traffic Assistant: 166 Posts
Change in Vacancies:

  1. Goods Guard: 6285 Posts (Earlier 7591 Posts)
  2. Junior Accounts Asst-cum-Typing (JAA): Nil (Earlier 1205 Posts)
  3. Senior Clerk-cum-Typist: Nil (Earlier 869 Posts)
  4. Enquiry-cum-Reservation Clerk (ECRC): Nil (Earlier 127 Posts)
  5. Sr. Time Keeper: Nil (Earlier 04 Posts)

Details of revised vacancies posted on this page are still under consideration. It hasn't been finalized yet. Discussion and arguments are still going onwhich results in delay in Post Preference change link and result as well. Final notice will be displayed on RRBs official once it is finalized.

RRB NTPC Vacancy Decreased

As the speculation regarding decrease in RRB NTPC 03/2015 vacancies were being spread over the Internet. Since last few months, it is rumour that RRB NTPC Vacancy will be decreased. And now it looks it became reality as some leak document suggests, it was a proposal to decrease vacancies notified against RRB CEN 03/2015. Read more about here...

Railway to revise Vacancy, RRB NTPC Vacancy Decreased, ASM Goods Guard Vacancy decreases

Railway RRB NTPC Revised Vacancy

Now, look at the status of vacancy after decrease.

Railway to revise Vacancy, RRB NTPC Vacancy Decreased, ASM Goods Guard Vacancy decreases

RRB Thiruvananthapuram Vacancy Decreased 

In a RTI Reply, You can see that total vacancies in RRB Thiruvananthapuram have been decreased for Assistant Station Master (ASM) post from 185 to only 150. Thiruvanathapurm Railway Board has released another tentative vacancy list of RRB CEN 03/2015 (Graduate) exam. In that list, it is mentioned there will be just 453 Vacancy where in the notification it was 488 posts.

Tentative Vacancy: 
Total Posts: 488 | ASM: 185 Posts 

Revised Vacancy: 
Total Posts: 453 | ASM: 150 Posts
While vacancies for other posts are remained the same. Check out the picture given below for official source.
Railway to revise Vacancy, RRB NTPC Vacancy Decreased, ASM Goods Guard Vacancy decreases
Some are saying, It’s BJP behind the decrease of Vacancies in RRB NTPC 03/2015. If you think it's Modi effect, I tell you one thing a bureaucrat do his service for 33 years or till the age of 60 years whereas politician remains for mere 5 years. Most of the decision are independently taken by the departments. And this is not what Prime Minister of India (Modi) will personally consider. Note that government can’t take all unemployed candidates for a job.

All we have to know wait for official notification from Railway regarding RRB NTPC revised vacancy list for ASM, Goods Guard, TA, CA, Sr Clerk, JAA and other posts against 03/2015. If this happens and Railway decreases vacancy, all you candidate need to Raise Your Voice for increasing vacancies in RRB NTPC.

At last, if you have done good in examination and getting good marks, don’t think about number of decreased vacancies because official notice is yet to come. I am sure you aspirants will definitely get a Job.