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Railway Typing Skill Test Instructions for RRB NTPC 2017

Railway Typing Test 2017– Instructions for RRB NTPC Typing Skill Test for Sr. Clerk & Jr. Accounts Asst (JAA) Posts: All you need to know about the RRB NTPC (Graduate) Typing test for posts of Senior Clerk and Junior Accounts Assistant in Indian Railway. Detailed pattern of the Typing Test/Skill Test for RRB NTPC Exam 2017 are provided below.

RRB NTPC Typing Test will be conducted on 29th June 2017.

The final stage of the RRB (Railway Recruitment Board) NTPC (Non-Technical Popular Category) Graduate recruitment is the 3rd Stage Typing Test or Skill Test. This test is to evaluate the typing skills of the candidates. However, The Typing Skill Test is qualifying in nature. The Typing Test is conducted only for the post of Sr Clerk and Accountant (JAA).
To help you candidates in knowing the Railway Typing Test Instructions, we have once come up with detailed pattern of the Typing Skill Test for RRB NTPC 2017.

Railway Typing Skill Test

The Railway Typing Test is a qualifying test. Marks of this test are not added to the final result of RRB NTPC recruitment for the above mentioned posts, but, even if you top the 1st Stage and 2nd Stage exams, you need to qualify this test to be recommended for selection.

The Typing Test is to be taken by only those candidates who qualify a minimum cut off in both the Stage I and the Stage II Computer based test for the posts of Senior Clerk and Junior Accounts Assistant (JAA).

Based on the post preference of various candidates while applying for RRB NTPC 03/2015, the candidates are shortlisted Typing Skill Test.  

Nature of RRB NTPC Typing Test 2017

Candidates can take this test in either of English or Hindi medium. Irrespective of your language choice, you will be provided a passage in printed format.  You will need to retype the same in completely, accurately and in a similar format.  The length of passage is expected to be of 300 words for English medium and 250 words for Hindi medium.

The total time duration of this test is 10 minutes.  However, VH candidates will be provided 30 minutes for the same.  They will also be allowed a Passage Dictator, who will read out the passage in given time. 

This is a Computer based test. You will be provided a computer to carry out the typing on.  Therefore, you should be adept at typing on a keyboard.

RRB NTPC Typing Test Doubts Answered

Q Typing Skill Test is applicable to which posts?
Ans. Typing Skill Test is applicable to the post of Jr. Accounts Assistant-cum-Typist (Cat.
No. 5) and Sr. Clerk-cum-Typist (Cat.No. 6).

Q How many times of vacancies candidates will be shortlisted for Typing Skill Test?
Ans. For the post of Jr. Accounts Assistant-cum-Typist (Cat.No. 5) and Sr. Clerk-cumTypist
(Cat. No. 6), Typing Skill Test shall be conducted for which candidates equal to
eight times the number of vacancies shall be called for.

Q How the merit will be drawn for the post of Jr. Accounts Assistant-cum-Typist and Sr.
Ans. Typing Skill Test is qualifying in nature (i.e. marks obtained in Typing Skill Test shall
not be added for making merit). Merit of these posts will be drawn only for the
candidates who qualified in the Typing Skill Test, based on performance in 2nd stage

Q Whether Paragraph for Typing Skill Test will be shown in computer only?
Ans. Yes. Hard copy of the Paragraph for Typing Skill Test will not be given

Railway Typing Test Instructions for Sr Clerk & JAA

1. Typing Test will be conducted in English/ Hindi on Computer. The candidates will be provided computer for the typing skill Test.

2. Typing Skill Test will be conducted only on Personal Computer to be provided by RRBs with disabling editing tools and spell check facility.

3. Key board layout will be Remington for both Hindi and English Typing Test. Font will be Kruti Dev for Hindi and Times New Roman for English.

4. The duration of the Typing Test is of 10 minutes.

5. The candidates are required to type minimum 300 words or 1500 strokes in order to attain a minimum speed of 30 Words Per Minute in English Typewriting. Similarly, a candidate appearing in Hindi Typewriting should type minimum 250 words or 1250 strokes in order to attain a speed of 25 Words Per Minute. The transcripts of those candidates who do not type 300 words/1500 strokes in English or 250 words/1250 strokes in Hindi in the prescribed time limit will not be evaluated. The standard measure adopted in counting words typed is @ 5 strokes per word.

6. Editing tools in the computer will be disabled in the test environment. Following keys will be disabled:
  • Escape Key
  • All function Keys (F1 to F12)
  • TAB
  • Caps Lock
  • Windows Key (Left & Right)
  • Ctrl Key (Left + Right)
  • Backspace
  • Insert
  • Delete
  • Home
  • End
  • Page Up
  • Page Down
  • Num Pad keys(1, 2, 3,4, 7,8,9,0,/,*,-,+, Enter,.)
7. The candidates are required to type 300 words so as to attain a minimum speed of 30 words per minute in English typewriting. Similarly, a candidate appearing in Hindi typewriting should type 250 words in order to attain a speed of 25 words per minute. The transcripts of those candidates who do not type out 300 words in English or 250 words in Hindi in the prescribed time will not be evaluated.

8. Candidate must start typing from the beginning of the text paper and must complete the whole paper. If any candidates finished the paper before the allotted time, he/she restart the same passage and continue typing until expiry of the time.

9. Spacing errors, punctuation errors, Paragraphic errors, wrong capitalization, crowing, piling/over typing errors, transposition errors, syllabification errors and faulty operations will be treated as mistakes.

10 The evaluation of the passage typed by the candidate will be done as follows:-

(a) A mistake will be classified as full mistake and half mistake. (5% mistakes of the total words typed will be ignored) 
Accordingly, the total number of mistakes will be calculated as –
No. of full mistakes + No. of half mistakes / 2 

(b) The typing speed of the candidate will be worked out by the following formula:- 
 As per formula: 
No. of total words typed - (No of mistakes x 10) / Time

#. Here we are putting an example for Typing Test of 10 Mintue where 5% mistakes of total words typed are ignored.

Total strokes typed = 1600
Words typed = 1600/5 = 320 (one word is equal to 5 strokes)
Total mistakes = 19
Ignorable mistakes = 5% of 320 = 16
Net mistakes for evaluation = 19-16 = 3
Net Words Typed after Mistakes deducted = 320 - (3x10) = 290
As per formula: No. of total words typed – (No. of net mistakes x 10)/ Time of test

Typing Speed per minute = 290/10 = 29

11 The candidates must return the question paper along with their scripts to the Invigilator after the examination is over. They should not take out of the examination hall either the question paper or scripts or any other blank typing paper. They should not tear any sheet given to them. If a candidate uses more than one sheet, he/she should fasten all the sheets securely before handing over to the Invigilator.

12 PWD candidates are required to submit PWD certificate  on the day of Typing Skill Test. Without PWD Certificate candidate is not allowed for Typing Skill Test.
Certificate for Typing Test Exemption [Download]

13 Handicapped candidates who are unable to type must produce a certificate on the day of Typing Skill Test from the Medical Board attached to the Special Employment Exchange or by a Civil Surgeon where such a board does not exist, failing which they have to undergo typing skill test on the specified date and time.

14 The font for Hindi Typing in Computer will be TT Mangal ( Devnagari ), with Unicode character set setting in regional languages.

15 More number of candidates than the vacancies are being called for typing test and merely calling a candidate for typing test does not in any way entitle him/her to an appointment in the Railways.

16 The Railway Recruitment Board reserves the right of ordering re-test in the case of any candidate or all candidates.