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Change RRB NTPC Post Preference of Railway ASM, Guard Posts

Change RRB NTPC Post Preference Order - Railway to allow changes in ASM, Goods Guard, CA/ TA, Sr Clerk & JAA posts against CEN 03/2015. Yet another Good as well sad news for all RRB NTPC aspirants waiting for RRB NTPC Mains exam result. RRB NTPC candidates will be once again allowed to refill post preference order in Railway Non-Technical vacancy due to increase in Grade Pay of ASM post. The Railway Recruitment Board (RRBs) have finally decided to let candidates re-exercise their RRB NTPC post preference.

Update: Link to change RRB NTPC Post Preference will be activated shortly.

While candidates are waiting for RRB NTPC Result, Railway is busy in making its RRB NTPC recruitment process more complex. After revising Railway Vacancies, they are now going to allow candidates to change their RRB NTPC Post preference. More details are provided below...

RRB NTPC Post Preference Change Official Notice

Consequent upon the implementation of recommendations of 7th Central Pay Commission after the publication of CEN-03/2015, the post of Assistant Station Master (ASM) notified with Grade Pay of Rs. 2800/- has been upgraded & merged with the post of Station Master (SM) in Grady Pay of Rs. 4200/- (Level 6 as per 7th CPC). Similarly, the Grade Pay of the post of Traffic Assistant notified at Rs. 2000/- has been enhanced to Rs. 2400/- (Level 4 as per 7th CPC).

In view of the above changes and in the interest of the candidates, an opportunity may be given to them to review their preference afresh. The notice to be displayed on the websites of the RRBs has been considered and approved.
Since couple of days, many candidates are asking whether they can change preference of posts in RRB NTPC 03/2015 or not. Good news for RRB NTPC candidates, according to latest information, candidates can change post preference order before conducting 3rd Stage i.e. Aptitude/ Psycho & Typing test. So the candidates of RRB CEN 03/2015 will also get a chance to revise their preference order of Railway Non-Technical posts. 

Change RRB NTPC Post Preference Order

Attention of candidates is drawn to important instructions relating to Change in Post Preference. The Railway Recruitment Board (RRBs) have decided to offer an opportunity to candidates to exercise their revised option before announcing 2nd Stage exam result and conducing Psycho/ Aptitude Test and Typing test in view of increase in Grade Pay for the post of Assistant Station Master.

This is quite some tragedy for those candidates waiting for RRB NTPC Result. While candidates were hoping for their chance of ASM (Station Master) and Clerk posts, RRB turns evil and allowed making changes in RRB NTPC post preference order once again. It is also being expected that Railway will revise RRB NTPC vacancy by increasing/ decreasing posts under RRB CEN 03/2015 recruitment.

On the other hand, many candidates are happy with this opportunity who made mistake in filling post preference while applying RRB NTPC 03/2015 online application form. They have now chance to fill RRB NTPC post preference order once again.

Why Change in RRB NTPC Post Preference?

It's now proved, RRB is going to provide one more chance to change preference order of Railway posts. Here are some of the reason behind changes in post preference order allowed by Railway Recruitment Board.

Despite clearly mentioned in Para 5.02 Note-I of RRB CEN 03/2015 Notification, "Options once exercised in the Online Application shall be final and no request for change shall be entertained." However, RRB is going to allow changes in Post Preference order, why so?

The very first thing you candidates need to know, Railway is providing an option to change post preference for its own interest. To avoid dispute, RRBs is allowing change in post preference order in the name of candidates' interest. RRBs has already done this by conducting 2nd Stage CBT (Mains) exam to hide paper leakage matter.

Although increase in Grade Pay of ASM (Station Master) from Rs. 2800/- to Rs. 4200/- might be one of the reason to allow change in post preference order. But RRBs had this information already, they could have mention it in RRB NTPC 03/2015 recruitment notification or just after the 1st State exams. If increase in ASM Grade pay were the sole reason to change post preference order, they must had notified about it before conducting 2nd Stage CBT. But the didn't, till then hey were against any change in post preference order even after releasing RRB NTPC Mains exam answer keys.

But what happened meanwhile? Suddenly they became ready to allow candidates change their RRB NTPC Post Preference using an excuse of increase in Grade Pay of Station Master posts. They have also added, a large number of candidates are requesting for change in post preference order thorough Phone Call, Email or public grievance forum. Therefore, the decision of change in post preference has been taken in the favour of candidates.

If increase in ASM's grade pay were the reason to change post preference order, they could have settled it much earlier. This is just another excuse, they are doing this for their own interest. Now coming to the point, check out the sole reason and the hidden truth of post preference why Railway is allowing candidates to change RRB NTPC Post Preference order.

In one of my previous post, I've talked about revision of RRB NTPC vacancy against CEN 03/2015. Actually some confidential documents leaked on internet which suggests, it was a proposal to decrease/ increase part or whole vacancies of some category in RRB NTPC.

Railway Board has not agreed to any increase in vacancies. However, proposals of decrease in notified vacancies from Railways have been accepted which results in revision of RRB NTPC vacancies. Vacancies through RRB NTPC will be completely changed in many RRBs by more or less. Hence, now it is necessary to allow candidates changed their post preference order based on revised vacancies. Check out the below picture containing a part of RTI Reply.
Change RRB NTPC Post Preference, Railway Post preference change, ASM Post preference

Hence it's proved, Railway is going to provide another chance to change post preference order for their own interest and because of revision/ decrease/ abolishment of some posts or even a category not because of increase in ASM's Grade pay.

They looks conscious now and making several changes in RRB NTPC recruitment process. RRB is not going to make anymore mistake now which leads Selection Process in Court. To avoid any upcoming legal dispute, RRB finally decided to change RRB NTPC Post preference order once again.

Effect of Changes in Post Preference

RRBs won't have to face any difficulty in allowing candidates to change their post preference as they already called 15 Times candidates from each category UR/ OBC/ SC/ ST for RRB NTPC Mains exam. So, it's easy for RRBs to recruit candidates for Railway Non-Technical Graduate posts after conducting ASM Psycho Test and RRB Typing Test.

1. Cut-off Marks for ASM (Station Master) will go sightly higher. Because, many candidates will put ASM above GG in post preference order.

2. Candidates medically unfit for A-2 category posts (SM/ GG/ TA) will put these posts at last to get selected for remaining posts i.e. CA, ECRC, Sr Clerk and Jr. Accounts Asst (JAA) posts.

3. Cut off Marks for Goods Guard (GG) will be slightly lower now. Because candidates will prefer ASM over Goods Guard.

4. Cut off Marks for ECRC too will be slightly lower. Because, ECRC is still Rs. 2808/- Grade pay posts.

5. It won't affect RRB NTPC Selection process.

Things to Consider before Changing RRB NTPC Post Preference

Unlike SSC/ IBPS where candidates are shortlisted based on candidates' final marks only, it's different situation in RRBs. Preference order of posts is as important as candidates' marks for Merit list preparation. It means, if you choose wrong post preference, you won't be selected despite having enough marks. Post preference is no doubt on of the most important factor in RRB NTPC selection procedure.

One important thing, Candidates should always fill all the posts according to their eligibility to be considered for those posts otherwise they will no be considered for the post for which they had not given preference.

One more thing - Never give preference for which you are not eligible (Not being medically fit, Eye sight issue, Color blindness etc.) otherwise you may be selected for that post and later on your candidature may be cancelled for being ineligible and this will be biggest disappointment.

Railway Post Preference Change or not Change

As per the Para 5.02 Note-I of CEN 03/2015, post preference can't be changed again. Despite this note, RRBs are all set to put a link to change post preference.
The candidates are required to indicate their category wise, Post-wise and Railway/PU-wise preferences very carefully. Options once exercised in the ONLINE Application shall be final and no request for change shall be entertained. Therefore, candidates are advised to be careful be careful in exercise of option for category, post and Railway Zones.
Though, official notice is yet to come, this is what Railway Officials are saying on changes in RRB NTPC Post Preference.

RRB NTPC post preference, Railway Post Preference change, Change RRB NTPC post Preference, ASM, Goods Guard posts

All you should wait for official notification form Railway regarding changes in RRB NTPC Post preference order of ASM, Goods Guard, TA, CA, Sr Clerk and JAA posts against CEN 03/2015. Re-filling of posts in Railway vacancies is not a good news for candidates who are currently waiting for RRB NTPC 2nd Stage exam result while many candidates are happy with this change.

At last, if you have done good in examination and getting marks and already put post preference order properly, don't think of change in RRB NTPC Post preference order. But candidates with slightly low score or average score will have to suffer because cut-off marks for ASM post will go high which was earlier known as low cut-off posts in previous RRB recruitment.