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Bihar Police Syllabus 2017 Bihar Police Constable Exam Pattern

Bihar Police Syllabus 2017 – Bihar Police Constable Syllabus with Exam Pattern: Are you looking Bihar Police Exam Syllabus? The Central Selection Board of Constable (CSBC), Bihar will conduct the Constables Examination, 2017 very soon. The written examination for Bihar Police has scheduled to be held after Online form submission which ends on 30th August 2017.

As Bihar Police exam is on head, here we have come up with Bihar Police exam syllabus PDF which helps candidates in preparation of Bihar Police written examination. Aspirants can download PDF of Bihar Police Constable Exam syllabus below…
The Central Selection Board of Constable (CSBC) will be conducting the Constable Examination this year. CSBC has recently notified Bihar Police Examination 2017 which will be held after Elections. All those candidates who have applied for Bihar Police Constable post must have knowledge of exam syllabus with exam pattern in order to preparing for Bihar Police written examination 2017.

Bihar Police Syllabus 2017

What to study and how to study for Bihar Police Exam 2017, is one of the most frequently asked question by all those candidates who are going to appear for Bihar Police examination 2015. As we all know, the Bihar Police examination will consist of a written examination, Physically Efficiency Test (PET) and Medical test. Fortunately, Bihar Police provides syllabus for its constable Examination.

Candidates must cover these topics we have mentioned below in order to preparing for Bihar Police exam 2017. We have also discussed about Bihar Police exam pattern. The written examination for Bihar Police will be held of the following subjects for the post of Constable posts followed by Physical Efficiency test and Medical test respectively. The subject/ Paper we have listed below, there will be asked most number of questions in Bihar Police examination.

Bihar Police Constable Exam Pattern

Written Exam will be conducted for Bihar Police Constable posts which will be qualifying in nature for the first time. The written examination will be consist of these subjects/ paper. Check out the details below.
  1. Hindi
  2. English
  3. Mathematics
  4. History
  5. Geography
  6. Civics
  7. Physics
  8. Chemistry
  9. Biology
Before proceeding to Bihar Civil Courts Syllabus, we are providing exam scheme (structure) of exam in the form of Bihar Civil/ District court exam pattern. The written pattern for Clerk, Typist and Stenographer posts are same. Following is the exam pattern for Bihar Police Constable Examination.

Question format: Objective 
Total Questions: 100 
Total Marks: 100*3 = 300 Marks (3 marks for each question) 
No Negative Marking 
Candidates scored 30% of total marks will be eligible for Physical Test.

Bihar Police Constable Syllabus: Topic Wise

Candidates must cover the topics we have listed below in order to preparing for Bihar Civil Court exam 2016 better. The Clerk, Typist and Stenographer exam will be held of the following subjects. The subject/ Paper we have listed below, there will be asked most number of questions in Bihar Civil Court examination.


1. ध्वनि।
2. शब्द।
3. संज्ञा।
4. लिंग।
5. वचन।
6. कारक।
7. सर्वनाम।
8. विशेषण।
9. क्रिया विशेषण।
10 क्रिया।
11 अव्यय।
12 निपति।
13 वाक्य रचना।
14 शब्द रचना।
15 अर्थ।
16 समास।
17 संधि।

1. Number: Singular & Plural
2. Gender: Masculine and Feminine
3. Synonyms and Antonyms
4. Spelling : Writing correct spelling of words
5. Parts of Speech :
  1. Noun: What is noun, its kinds, its usages. 
  2. Pronoun: What is pronoun, its kinds, its usages. 
  3. Verb: What is verb, its kinds, its usages. 
  4. Adjective: What is adjective, its kinds, its usages. 
  5. Adverb: What is adverb, its kinds, its usages. 
  6. Preposition: What is preposition, its usages. 
  7. Conjunction: What is conjunction, its usages. 
  8. Interjection: What is interjection, its usages.
6. Subject: Verb agreement
7. Common Errors.
8. Tense: Kinds of tense and their usages.
9. Idioms & Phrases.

1. प्रागैतिहासिक कालीन जीवन।
2. प्राचीन भारतीय सभ्यता एवं संस्कृति।
3 मध्यकालीन भारत।
4. भारत में ब्रिटिश अधिपत्य का विकाश तथा भारतीय अर्थवयस्था एवं समाज पर ब्रिटिश शासन का प्रभाव।
5. सन १५७ की क्रांति।
6. उन्नीसवीं सदी में भारत में सामाजिक एवं घार्मिक सुधार।
7. भारत का सवंत्रता आंदोलन।
8. अमेरिका का सवंत्रता संग्राम।
9. फ्रांस की क्रांति। रूस की क्रांति। प्रथम विश्वयुद्ध।
10 राष्ट्रसंघ। द्वितीय विश्वयुद्ध। सयुंक्त राष्ट्रसंघ।

1. भौतिक भूगोल।
2. प्राकृतिक संसाधन।
3. भारत का भूगोल।
4. संसाधन और  विकास।

Polity/ Civics
1. समाज एवं नागरिक।
2. नागरिक एवं स्थानीय स्वशासन।
3. भारतीय सविंधान।
4. भारतीय समाज की प्रमुख समस्याएँ एवं चुनातियाँ।
5. भारत और विश्वशान्ति।

1. Power, Motion and Energy
2. Wave
3. Heat
5. Electric & Magnetism
6. Universe

1. Nature of Matter
2. Structure of Atom
3. Oxidation and Reduction
4. Chemical Bond Chemical Reactions
5. Fuel
6. Metals and Non Metals
7. Carbon and its compound Solution

1. Ways of Life
2. Organisation in the living world
3. Life processes
4. Food production & management of food resources
5. Health
6. Human Nature
7. Biosphere

Candidates are advised to download Bihar Police Syllabus which is mentioned at the end of post for detailed information about Bihar Police Constable examination. Follow the below link to download Bihar Police Constable exam Syllabus with Exam pattern.