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SSC CGL 18th August Exam Asked GK Questions with Answer

SSC CGL GK Questions 2017 – SSC CGL Exam 18 August GK Questions Asked in SSC Graduate Level (Tier – I) Exam 2017: All GK Questions & Answer asked on 18 August in SSC CGL Online Exam are given below. Are you looking for SSC CGL Online Exam General Awareness (GK/ GS) & Current Affairs Questions? If you are searching for SSC CGL GK answer key, this solved paper will help you in this regard. Check SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGLE) online exam asked GK questions below.

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We are here to provide you candidates the SSC CGL Online Exam GK Questions which were asked in SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam dated 18th August 2017 along with Answers. Candidates can find all GK Questions as well the solutions of every GK question asked in SSC CGL exam held on 18 August 2017.

SSC CGL GK Questions 18-08-2017 Exam

Online examination for SSC CGL 2017 is being conducted from today onward to throughout August 2017. Here we have short listed all GK question along with answers which was asked in SSC CGL 2017 Tier-I exam for both morning and evening shift exam 18-08-2017. SSC CGL GK and Current Affairs questions are given below.

GK Questions Asked in SSC CGL Tier–I Exam: All Shift

  1. Which movie won 62 Filmfare award?
  2. Which country won 2015 Rugby Championship?
  3. Who invented Electric Tram?
  4. Which of these has centrally planned economy? i) India ii) US iii) Britain iv) Japan
  5. When any metal reacts with NaOH, then what is the product?
  6. If nutrients increase in water then which algae is formed?
  7. Time taken by Pendulum to cover one round is known as?
  8. Painting become famous during the period of which Mughal Emperor?
  9. One Qs from Economy related to input & output.
  10. When someone directly approach supreme court instead of High court then which jurisdiction applied?
  11. What is the another name of platelets?
  12. In 1912 Mangol invade on which region?
  13. Match the following – Book with their author name
  14. What is the outermost layer of xylem?
  15. Dihang River flows from which region of Himalaya?
  16. Which yojana has been introduced by Government for Soil card?
  17. British forced plantation of tea in which place? – Bangal
  18. Stem has endarch or exarch arrangement?
  19. Teach text feature available in which OS?
  20. Name the bus between India & Pakistan?
  21. 1 Qs related to Chemical reaction of Sodium Hydroxide.
  22. How many legislative assembly are there in Sikkim?
  23. Which song got Grammy award 2016?
  24. Who won IPL 2017?
  25. One Qs from books and authors (given in the form of statement) then which of the following statement is true?
  26. Fill in the blanks: mg + O₂= ?
  27. Who is responsible for the death of Dara Shikoh?
  28. Who invented proton?
  29. Who won the Bahrain Grand Prix Award?
  30. Who discovered the Potassium?
  31. Qs related to abiotic factor?
  32. Humayun Tomb.
  33. One Qs related to Books and authors.
  34. Which mirror used in rear view?
  35. If weight on earth is 60kg, what will be the weight on moon? – 10 Kg
  36. Acid + base forms salt and ?
  37. One question on nominal product.
  38. One question on scientific nomenclature.
  39. To which country India gave 30 crore for children of freedom fighters?
  40. Which country is not a member of South Asian Free Trade Area (SAFTA)? 
    i) India ii) China iii) Srilanka iv) Bhutan
  41. Trade union in which list of division of powers?

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